Hey Duggee Series 1

1.1The Drawing BadgeGet Your Badge
1.2The Cake BadgeGet You Badge
1.3The Hair Badge
1.4The Summer Holiday Badge
1.5The Rescue Badge
1.6The Super Squirrel Badge
1.7The Jam Badge
1.8The Treasure Hunt Badge
1.9The Scarecrow Badge
1.10The Funny Face Badge
1.11The Bouncing Badge
1.12The Leaf Badge
1.13The Omelette Badge
1.14The Food Growing Badge
1.15The Paddling Pool Badge
1.16The Paper Boat Badge
1.17The Castle Badge
1.18The Show and Tell Badge
1.19The Rocking Horse Badge
1.20The Get Well Soon Badge
1.21The Hiccup Badge
1.22The Maze Badge
1.23The Rain Dance Badge
1.24The Acorn Badge
1.25The Balloon Badge
1.26The Hide and Seek Badge
1.27The Sheep Badge
1.28The Spider Badge
1.29The We Love Animals Badge
1.30The Snowman Badge
1.31The Decorating Badge
1.32The Tidy Up Badge
1.33The Circus Badge
1.34The Egg BadgeGet Your Badge
1.35The Puppy Badge
1.36The Cardboard Box Badge
1.37The Caterpillar Badge
1.38The Sandcastle Badge
1.39The Football Badge
1.40The Puppet Show Badge
1.41The Birdwatching BadgeGet Your Badge
1.42The Big Parade Badge
1.43The Be Careful Badge
1.44The First Aid Badge
1.45The Bubble Badge
1.46The Submarine Badge
1.47The Detective Badge
1.48The Sewing Badge
1.49The Surprise Badge
1.50The Teddy Bear BadgeGet Your Badge
1.51The Story Badge
1.52The Tinsel Badge

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