1.25 The Balloon Badge

The Balloon Badge finally reveals the Squirrels to be normal children. It turns out that occasionally the Squirrels are reluctant to cooperate and show kindness. Of course, Duggee is infinitely good-natured and kind. Even to Tino the artistic mouse, who Roly eloquently describes as grumpy.

It is also impressive how quickly the Squirrels pick up balloon modelling. Things don’t escalate quite as much as they do in The Snowman Badge but a balloon dinosaur is still an impressive structure.

Badge Design

Round with three balloons.

Episode Summary

Episode written by Danny Stack.

Opening Squirrel

Happy watching his goldfish.


Norrie is having a tea party with a penguin. Tag is reading a book. Roly is drawing a picture of Duggee. Happy and Betty are playing with the cars.


Duggee is blowing up balloons. He has his Balloon Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.25 The Balloon Badge


Duggee lets go of a balloon which zooms around the clubhouse, making the Squirrels giggle. Duggee makes a balloon model of Tino the artistic mouse. The balloons are for him because it is his birthday. The Squirrels are not Tino’s biggest fans:

  • He complains when Happy moves when he is painting his portrait (dressed as a knight).
  • He rearranges Roly’s building blocks.
  • He shouts at Betty when her ball scares away the bird he is painting.

Roly re-draws Tino’s face on the balloon model that Duggee has made. Tino is grumpy. The go out to wish him a happy birthday anyway.

Tino is painting and does not acknowledge the Squirrels when they wish him a happy birthday. Duggee encourages them to give him the balloons anyway. Tino takes them but goes into a snobby rant about birthdays and balloons. He doesn’t notice that he has floated up into the sky. As he floats away, the Squirrels chase after him.

Floating across the landscape gives Tino a new joyous perspective on life. The balloons get caught in a tree with Tino still raving. A bird appears from his home in a tree and is offended by Tino’s language and starts to peck at the balloons. The Squirrels are worried he might fall and decide to rescue him with balloons. They have fun blowing them up in a balloon montage. They create a spectacular balloon dinosaur which Tino elegantly slides down and into Duggee’s arms.


  • Balloon Duggee.
  • Duggee with a siren on his head.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels all take balloons home. The grumpy bird is with Duggee and is still grumpy.

Get your Balloon Badge

I have a confession, I hate balloons. They are bad for the environment and they make children crazy. However, I have been known to produce a few balloon poodles whenever someone gives me modelling balloons. It’s a fun activity that will earn you your Balloon Badge. If anyone can suggest any eco-friendly alternatives then please pop them in the comments.

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