The Be Careful Badge

1.43 The Be Careful Badge

The Be Careful Badge is a lesson for us all.

Badge Design

A triangle with a banana.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly blowing bubbles.


The Squirrels are enjoying the sunshine outdoors. Roly is watching a windmill. Norrie and Betty are making daisy chains. Tag and Happy are listening to music with Caterpillar.


A butterfly takes off from Duggee’s flower and flutters over the Squirrels, past a sleeping Enid and over the chickens who are relaxing in deckchairs. It continues over Worm who is enjoying a book and Hennie who is about to tuck into an icecream. The butterfly proceeds past Frog in a hot air balloon to Naughty Monkey who is eating bananas and throwing the skins on the ground. Squirrel, Flamingo and Ethel all slip on the banana skins. The Squirrels hear the thud caused by Ethel’s slip and go and investigate. They make sure Ethel is ok and see Naughty Monkey throwing his banana skins. They ask him not to but he carries on and then slips himself. He bounces off the trees and ends up in a big hole. The Squirrels go to get Duggee, he has his Be Careful Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.43 The Be Careful Badge


They set off back to Naughty Monkey. On the way, they practise being careful. They encounter:

  • A prickly bush.
  • A small snail.
  • Angry Bull.

They get to the big hole. Ethel offers her truck and they help Naughty Monkey out of the hole, carefully. They all enjoy some bananas and Naughty Monkey remembers to put his banana skin in the bin. He has learnt his lesson.

Close and Credits

Duggee is chased by Angry Bull.

Supporting Cast

  • Naughty Monkey
  • Ethel the elephant

Style Change

It switches to a top-down view as they make their way from the clubhouse to Naughty Monkey via the hazards.

Get Your Be Careful Badge

What do you do to be careful?

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