The Big Parade Badge

1.42 The Big Parade Badge

The Big Parade Badge is just a great excuse for Duggee and the Squirrels to get dressed up.

Badge Design

Betty reading at breakfast.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Round with a majorette/marching band hat and baton.


Norrie is having a tea party with a penguin and a polar bear. Tag is reading a book. Roly is drawing a picture of Duggee. Betty and Happy are playing with the cars.


Duggee is talking to Eugine, the chipmunk I charge of the big parade. He is worried about it. He explains what a parade is for the Squirrels. People dress up and march along to the music. There are drummers and dancers and Eugine leads the procession. There is a lot to do and Eugine has lost his hat. The Squirrels want to help. First, they find a suitable hat. Eugine marches our to prepare.

The Squirrels would like to go to the parade too. Duggee runs off to put on his full marching band outfit. The Squirrels put on their hats and they follow Eugine. When they arrive Eugine is in low spirits. Naughty Monkey has been eating his costume and one of the elephants has a cold. Just when it can’t get any worse Eugine trips and hurts his leg. He cannot lead the parade. Duggee can help, he has his Big Parade Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.42 The Big Parade Badge


Duggee starts to march and the animals fall into line. In the parade there are:

  1. Dancers shaking their feathers (including Norrie).
  2. Punky penguins pogoing.
  3. Clowns clowning around (including Tag).
  4. Magicians waving their wands.
  5. Chefs cooking up a noise (including Roly).
  6. Lions tapping their toes.
  7. Cowboys squirting their pistols (including Happy).
  8. Spacemen having a moonwalk.
  9. Snorkelling superstars (including Betty).
  10. Dancing Duggee leading the parade.

The crowd goes wild and Eugine hobbles in to congratulate them.


  • Duggee one-man band.

Close and Credits

The parents have been watching the parade. Lots of parade participants are still around the clubhouse, including a clown on a bike with square wheels.

Supporting Cast

  • Eugine


Duggee and the Squirrels all wear special hats and outfits for the big parade.

  • Duggee wears a marching band uniform.
  • Norrie has a big feather hat.
  • Tag is dressed up as a clown.
  • Roly has a band hat.
  • Happy has a full cowboy outfit.
  • Betty wears a mask and snorkel.

Get Your Big Parade Badge

Dress up and put on your own Big Parade.

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