The Birdwatching Badge

1.41 The Birdwatching Badge

The Birdwatching Badge is a bit of a throwback to the early episodes of Hey Duggee. The story is without much complexity.

Badge Design

Round with six different birds.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty is reading while having breakfast.


Tag is playing with a car. Roly is spinning a spinning top. Happy has built a block tower. Norrie and Betty are having a tea party.


Duggee is birdwatching using his binoculars. He thinks it is fun, he has his Birdwatching Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.41 The Birdwatching Badge


The Squirrels agree that it looks fun but whenever Roly sees a bird he shouts. They will have to be quiet and whisper. Betty spots a bird and alerts Duggee who looks through his binoculars. It’s Chicken. Roly shouts, giving her a fright. Duggee has spotted another bird. It’s Hennie. Roly startles her and she hides behind a mountain.

They continue on their nature walk until Duggee spots a bird building a nest. The Squirrels quiet down and watch as Mr Bird carefully places a twig. At just the wrong moment there is a loud sneeze. This time Duggee has startled the bird and the nest is ruined. Mrs Bird returns and is visibly upset at the state of the nest. Duggee apologises and offers to build a new nest. The Squirrels get to work and quickly build a mansion-like nest. Mr and Mrs Bird are delighted with their new home. At last Duggee and the Squirrels can watch some birds.


  • Sunrise Duggee.
  • Duggee hatching from an egg.
  • Duggee popping out from a hedge with his binoculars.

Close and Credits

A bird sings from the clubhouse roof.

Get Your Birdwatching Badge

Look out the window and see what birds you can spot. Join in with the RSPB’s great garden birdwatch survey.

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