The Bubble Badge

1.45 The Bubble Badge

Anyone who has ever tried teaching young children to blow bubbles will know that the beginning of The Bubble Badge is an accurate representation of reality.

This badge also has some excellent references, including what is possibly the only Game of Thrones reference in children’s TV.

Badge Design

Round with bubbles.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly watching a windmill.


The Squirrels are all building a tower with the blocks.


The Squirrels spot some bubbles and go to find Duggee. He blows some more bubbles for the Squirrels to pop. Duggee has pots of bubbles for each of the Squirrels. They have a few problems working out what to do:

  • Roly can’t get the stick in the pot.
  • Norrie shakes the pot.
  • Tag tips his mixture out.
  • Betty blows the pot instead of the stick.
  • Happy complains that it’s not working.

Duggee can help, he has his Bubble Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.45 The Bubble Badge


Duggee has a giant pot of bubble mixture. He teaches the Squirelsto dip, lift and blow. They have a go and all the Squirrels manage to blow some bubbles except Happy who continues to struggle. They fill the air with bubbles. Duggee creates an enormous sphere which is admired by Hedgeley the Hedgehog until it bursts on his prickles. Happy is still having trouble. The other animals enjoy the bubbles including Enid, Hedgeley and Naughty Monkey.

Happy declares that his stick his broken so he finds a hoop to use instead. Bird helps Happy and they blow an immense bubble. Everyone is mesmerised by the beautiful yet fragile bubble. A gust of wind takes it on a journey towards some hazards:

  • Roly saves it from a prickly bush with a dramatic dive.
  • Norrie gets to the spikey gate just in time opening it for the bubble to float through.
  • Tag delivers some hay to the pointy cow and it puts it’s head to the ground, out of the bubble’s path.
  • The sneezing elephant sends the bubble back the other way towards Hedgeley.

In a dramatic finale, Happy saves the bubble by blowing it into the sky with the help of Duggee and the other Squirrels. As the bubbles rises, Hedgeley recites a poem:

Bubble, bubble flying high,

Into the deep and distant sky.

Fly thee fast and fly thee high,

This is adieu and not goodbye.


  • Rising Duggee bubbles.

Close and Credits

Bubbles fall and burst on Hedgeley.

Supporting Cast

  • Hedgeley the Hedgehog

Get Your Bubble Badge

Blow some bubbles.

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