1.2 The Cake Badge

Episode 2 of Hey Duggee, The Cake Badge, introduces some new characters to the Hey Duggee universe. I’m not sure at which point the writers decided that the rabbits are hippies, the trait doesn’t serve any purpose in this episode. It is an early indication of the diverse world of Duggee and the Squirrels.

There are still clues that this is an early episode. The most obvious is that it seems out of character for Happy to randomly eat an unattended cake. By the end of the second half of season one, I am confident that the writers would have come up with a more nuanced set-up. It’s also one of the shortest episode summaries I have written. The story is extremely sparse in comparison to other episodes.

Badge Design

Round with a cake.

Episode Summary

Episode written by Grant Orchard.

Opening Squirrel

Happy wearing his snorkel as he looks at his fish.


The Squirrels are playing outside. tag and Roly are playing chase. Norrie and Betty are playing with a ball. Happy is hopping. Duggee is watering his carrots.


Happy continues to hop over some holes in the ground until he finds a cake and eats it. Fortunately, he is not ill, but it turns out the cake belongs to the rabbits. But it’s ok, Duggee has his cake badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.2 The Cake Badge


The Squirrels gather the ingredients to make a cake for the rabbits.

  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Raisins
  • Carrots

The Squirrels are surprised that the cake will have carrots in. They make a mess mixing the cake and stand back as Duggee takes the cakes from the oven. They give the carrot cupcakes to the rabbits who share it.


  • Icing Duggee

Close and Credits

A rabbit pops out of the ground next to Duggee.


  • Duggee and the Squirrels all wear chef’s hats to bakes the cake.

Find out more about all the Series 1 outfits here.

Get Your Cake Badge

This episode does not have the tangents and additional details that make up the rich details of most Hey Duggee episodes. This means there’s not a very long to-do list to get your Cake Badge. Making carrot cakes together is a great place to start. I have written a post with recipe suggestions, crafts and activities to get your Cake Badge.

What do You Think?

What was your favourite moment in this badge? What will you do to get this badge? Please leave a comment below and a link to any crafts, recipes or activities you have done for this badge. I look forward to reading about them and possibly including them in future articles.
(Note – irrelevant comments or links will be removed!)

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