The Caterpillar Badge

1.37 The Caterpillar Badge

The Caterpillar Badge is about one small rhino’s love for his Caterpillar. It is a 7 minute long coming of age story. Typically, the writers of Hey Duggee take a run-of-the-mill pre-school subject, in this case, the lifecycle of a butterfly, and turn it into a compelling short story.

Badge Design

Round with a caterpillar.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly blowing bubbles.


The Squirrels are helping Duggee in the clubhouse vegetable garden.


Happy and Betty are watering the plants. Norrie and Roly are planting pumpkin seeds. Tag is picking spinach which he runs off to wash so he can eat it. On the way, he trips over a rock and comes face to face with a tiny caterpillar who eats his spinach leaf. The caterpillar is hungry so Tag goes to Duggee and brings back a lettuce. Caterpillar is still hungry so Tag goes to Duggee and brings back some pak choi and basil. The Squirrels all donate greens:

  • Betty has cabbage leaves.
  • Norrie has beetroot leaves.
  • Happy has spinach leaves.
  • Roly has carrot leaves.

Caterpillar is ready to play. Tag and caterpillar play fetch, run through meadows of butterflies and fields of wheat, Tag rubs Caterpillar’s tummy, they run around in circles until they are dizzy then Tag rides Caterpillar until sunset. Tag shows Caterpillar (who is enormous now) to Duggee. The other Squirrels want to play but she is a little tired so they make her a bed. Everyone drops off to sleep for a nap while Duggee reads his newspaper. When they wake they find something odd in Caterpillar’s bed. Duggee can help, he has his Caterpillar Badge.


It’s a cacoon which soon hatches into a butterfly. Tag is still confused about where Caterpillar is. The butterfly flies down and licks Tag on the face.


  • Duggee love hearts.

Close and Credits

Caterpillar takes a bite out of the clubhouse roof.

Supporting Cast

  • Caterpillar


  • Duggee has his dungarees on for gardening.

Get Your Caterpillar Badge

Read the classic book The Hungry Caterpillar and learn about the butterfly’s life cycle.

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