The Decorating Badge

1.31 The Decorating Badge

In The Decorating Badge the Squirrels have warmed to Tino the artistic mouse since the events of The Balloon Badge.

Badge Design

Round with a paintbrush with yellow paint.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy in the bath with a snorkel.


The Squirrels are playing outside. Norrie and Betty are playing with the sand. Tag and Roly are playing with cars. Happy is hopping.


Duggee is about to paint the clubhouse. He has his Decorating Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.31 The Decorating Badge


The Squirrels all get dressed up to help Duggee paint the Clubhouse. They try to guess which colour Duggee has chosen:

  • Tag guesses red.
  • Norrie guesses green.
  • Happy guesses blue.
  • Roly guesses yellow.
  • Betty can’t make up her mind between pink and orange then decides on purple.

Duggee has chosen clubhouse brown. Roly spots some yellow paint splats on the floor and the Squirrels follow the trail to Tino the artistic mouse’s sculpture. The Squirrels admire how colourful it is. Tino explains that these are special colours:

  • Happy likes the blue which Tino calls Aqua Marine. A pirate seagull squarks on the sea.
  • Norrie likes the green which Tino calls Early Spring. A tree springs to life.
  • Tag likes the red which Tino calls Crimson Sunrise. The crimson sun rises.
  • Betty likes the purple which Tino calls Wild Violet. A bee buzzes around a purple flower.
  • Roly likes brilliant yellow which Tino calls yellow.

The Squirrels ask Tino to help decorate the clubhouse and Duggee reluctantly agrees. The Squirrels get to work painting the clubhouse in their favourite colours but Tino isn’t happy until Roly splatters yellow paint everywhere. The clubhouse needs art. He declares they will no longer use brushes and the Squirrels go to find other things to use and get to work:

  • Tag finds a leaf.
  • Happy finds a roller.
  • Norrie finds a sponge.
  • Roly finds a potato which he cuts a star shape.
  • Betty does some finger painting.
  • Happy does collage.
  • Tag and Norrie use a stencil.
  • Betty uses star sprinkles.
  • Roly squirts yellow paint straight from the tube.

Tino calls a halt and declares the masterpiece finished. Meanwhile, Duggee is still keen on painting it brown.


  • Paint splat Duggee.
  • Duggee dot-to-dot.

Close and Credits

Duggee is in shock but he goes to get the Squirrels badges. Betty’s dad and Tag’s mum comment on the clubhouse. Duggee gets to work painting the clubhouse brown, assisted by Frog who Roly has painted yellow.

Supporting Cast

  • Tino the artistic mouse


Duggee and the Squirrels all have white decorator’s overalls and hats covered in paint splatter.

Get Your Decorating Badge

Draw some pictures together to decorate your child’s bedroom.

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