The Detective Badge

1.47 The Detective Badge

The Detective Badge shows a complex story that we are used to with later episodes of Hey Duggee but which is unusual in series 1.

Badge Design

Round with a fedora hat, a magnifying glass, notebook and pen.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag playing with a robot.


Duggee has made an apple pie and put it on the windowsill to cool. They all look away for a second and when they look back the pie has gone. Tag thinks it may have fallen into the garden but when the Squirrels check all they find is a ladder. They need a detective and Duggee has his Detective Badge.


Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.47 The Detective Badge


The Squirrels put on fedoras and begin their investigation:

  • Betty measures the ladder.
  • Norrie puts up crime tape.
  • Tag takes pictures.
  • Roly looks under the cow.
  • Happy arrives in full forensics gear.
  • Betty interviews the old deers.
  • Happy and Norrie put up posters and hand out leaflets.
  • Betty interviews Worm.

They continue to look until Happy finds some tiny footprints. They put the clues together and decide to follow the trail of footprints. They lead to the beach where the Squirrels fin Hyena watching TV and drinking through a straw. Betty interviews him and learns he has seen a tiny flying saucer. He points them in the direction of a bunker.

Duggee’s pawprint gives them access. Inside they immediately find the pie lit up on a pedestal. They are accosted by Sargeant Ant who describes the pie as an unidentified fruity object (UFO). They found the pie and brought it back to HQ for further study. The Squirrels have solved the mystery. To confirm to the ants that it is in fact an apple pie they eat it.


  • Duggee in a police car.

Close and Credits

A beam of light attempts to abduct Hyena.

Supporting Cast

  • Army Ants

Get Your Detective Badge

Bake an apple pie and while you wait for it to cool solve a mystery.

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