1.1 The Drawing Badge

Episode 1 of Hey Duggee aired in January 2015*. Looking back at aThe Drawing badge some 300 episodes later it’s obvious to see that it was still finding its feet. The story is simple, and the squirrels’ characters are taking shape. Happy demonstrates his love of water and Norrie is obviously the arty one. One example where characters were changed after this episode is when Betty uses Norrie’s trademark “Fa la la la la”. This is mostly annoying because the makers of the toys took phrases from this episode, so the cuddly Betty also says “Fa la la la la”. However, despite a few early hiccups, Hey Duggee already showed signs of brilliance. The signature art style is well developed, and the reveal of Duggee’s self-portrait hints at future genius and humour.

*Although The Drawing Badge is the official first episode, Hey Duggee actually premiered a few weeks earlier in December 2014 with The Tinsel Badge.

Badge Design

Round with a pencil.

Episode Summary

Episode written by Grant Orchard.

Opening Squirrel

Norrie playing the ukelele.


Tag is playing with the car. Roly is spinning his spinning top. Happy is building with the building blocks. Norrie and Betty are having a tea party.

Set up

The Squirrels want to go outside but it’s raining. They get dressed up in their raincoats and wellies but it’s too windy. The chickens are blown away outside. Luckily Duggee has his Drawing Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.1 The Drawing Badge


The Squirrels each do a drawing, then guess what the others have drawn. Their style of drawing and the things they have created begin to reveal the squirrels’ individual personalities. Norrie has drawn a flower. Happy has drawn a puddle. Tag has drawn a ball. Betty has drawn a tree. Roly has drawn a banana.

Duggee draws a self-portrait and the Squirrels try to guess what it is. The Squirrels don’t think it captures Duggee very well, so they compose their own picture of Duggee. They draw a Duggee hug.


  • The Drawing Badge getting coloured in.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Drawing Badges.

A chicken dances in with an umbrella.


  • Duggee and the Squirrels all put on yellow raincoats and wellies to go outside.
  • Duggee wears an artist’s smock and beret to compose his picture.

Find out more about all the Series 1 outfits here.

Get your Drawing Badge

In many ways, the Drawing Badge is one of the easiest badges to get. All you need is a piece of paper, some pencils and time to sit down with your child to do some drawing together. However, if you want some tips on how to make the activity more entertaining I have written this post with lots of fun ideas. As with all the early Hey Duggee episodes, there are also lots of official resources for you to use. These are listed in the post.

What do You Think?

What was your favourite moment in this badge? What will you do to get this badge? Please leave a comment below and a link to any crafts, recipes or activities you have done for this badge. I look forward to reading about them and possibly including them in future articles.
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