The First Aid Badge

1.44 The First Aid Badge

Tag is clumsy and always in need of patching up. The First Aid Badge is not the last occasion that Duggee will need to reach for his first aid kit. Although laughter also makes good medicine in The Comedy Badge.

Badge Design

Round with a plaster.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag playing with his train.


The clubhouse is empty. The Squirrels are outside playing copy the king.


Tag is the king and the other Squirrels have to copy everything he does. They copy him, even when he trips over. He has actually hurt himself so the Squirrels help him and fetch Duggee. Duggee checks Tag over and reassures them that he will be ok. Duggee pulls out his first aid kit, he has his First Aid Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.44 The First Aid Badge


Duggee bandages up Tag’s knee and he feels better. The Squirrels all want a go so they grab some more bandages from the first aid kit and get to work. Meanwhile, Enid is playing with a ball of wool at Duggee’s feet. They get carried away and bandage him up too well. Enid spots the huge Tag ball and bats him away down a hill. Duggee and the other Squirrels give chase. He eventually comes to a rest at the bottom of a hill and Duggee has to push him back to the top. Exhausted, Duggee leans on the Tag ball and he starts to roll away again. This time the bandages unravel and Tag is deposited on the ground outside the clubhouse. He’s had a great time.

Duggee has cut his finger. The Squirrel work as a team to perform first aid and apply a plaster.


  • Doctor Duggee.

Close and Credits

Enid appears from a pile of bandages.

Get Your First Aid Badge

Discuss first aid and practise with a bandage.

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