1.15 The Paddling Pool Badge

The Paddling Pool Badge has one of my favourite adults-only jokes. I’d you don’t know the one just watch the pool rules sequence again. Hey Duggee is very good at slipping in references for grown-ups. I’ve discussed this in more detail in my introduction to The Jam Badge and I can think of a dozen more examples. The important thing is that it does not detract from the episode for kids, and in some cases (i.e. The Cheese Badge) it may even enhance the experience.

Just one more note on this badge. The music for the pool sequence is spot-on in terms of the atmosphere it portrays. It’s a brave choice for a children’s TV programme but Hey Duggee is always happy to be a bit out there with its music and it has become something that the show is known for.

Badge Design

A paddling pool with a duck in it.

Episode Summary

Episode written by James Henry.

Opening Squirrel

Happy on a deck chair.


It’s hot and the Squirrels are all lounging on the sofa fanning themselves.


Duggee arrives with a tray of water. Happy wants more and more water which gives Duggee an idea. Duggee rolls out the paddling pool and begins blowing it up with a foot pump. The foot pump breaks. Luckily, Ethel the elephant arrives just in time and blows it up for them. The Squirrels get their swimming gear on, run back outside and jump straight into the empty paddling pool. Duggee tries the hose but it has run dry. Ethel comes to the rescue once again and fills the pool from the lake. All the animals follow them back to the paddling pool. Duggee blows his whistle, he has his Paddling Pool Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.15 The Paddling Pool Badge


Lifeguard Duggee blows his whistle explains the rules:

  1. No running near the pool – Roly is chasing Betty.
  2. No acrobatics – the mice are bouncing on a crocodile.
  3. No eating – a flamingo is eating cake, dropping crumbs on a fearful Happy.
  4. No diving – Naughty Monkey is about to dive from a giraffe.
  5. No splashing – Roly is splashing.
  6. No pushing – a spider pushes another of a hippo.
  7. No… yes well – two lovebirds kiss.

Everyone is having a wonderful time:

  • Betty is playing with her duck.
  • Frog has a sip of water.
  • Three chicken row a boat.
  • Happy and Naughty Monkey go snorkelling.
  • The Squirrels all slide down Ethel’s trunk into the pool.

Everyone has cooled down.


  • Duggee with sunglasses
  • Sunshine Duggee

Close and Credits

Duggee hands the Squirrels their badges while they are wrapped in towels. Duggee thinks he has the pool to himself now but the other animals pop up.


Duggee and the Squirrels all wear swimming clothes.

  • Happy is wearing a blue and white swimsuit and a snorkel.
  • Roly is wearing a yellow rubber ring.
  • Tag is wearing red swim shorts.
  • Norrie is wearing a pink, polka dot swimsuit and green armbands.
  • Betty is wearing a blue and yellow swim hat and carrying a duck.
  • Duggee has a lifeguard’s outfit.

Find out more about all the Series 1 outfits here.

Get Your Paddling Pool Badge

Get your swimming clothes on and get down to your local swimming pool or paddling pool. Talk about the rules before you go.

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