1.16 The Paper Boat Badge

An ant army trying to get to a picnic is not the most obvious set-up for a Paper Boat Badge, but that’s what we got and it works. It goes without saying that Arnie Ant is the highlight of this episode (another joke for watching parents).

Badge Design

Round with a paper boat.

Episode Summary

Episode written by Sam Morrison.

Opening Squirrel

Roly watching a windmill.


The Squirrels are playing hopscotch.


Duggee is reading his newspaper when a gust of wind blows it away. The Squirrels run after it for Duggee. When he catches up with them they hand him a crumpled mess. It’s unreadable but luckily Duggee has his Paper Boat Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.16 The Paper Boat Badge.


Duggee demonstrates how to make a paper boat and floats it on a puddle. Just then, Happy hears a noise. He turns around and finds a plate. The plate belongs to the Ant Army. They are trying to get to a picnic on the other side of the puddle where there is a BBQ, music and ants playing in the water. The ants cannot cross the puddle so Happy suggests the Squirrels make them a paper boat. The Squirrels take Duggee’s paper boat design and create a ship for the ants. With much ceremony, the ants and their condiments board the ship and the Squirrels send them off. Unfortunately, the wind has dropped completely but Duggee has the idea to create a breeze with the rest of his newspaper. The ants arrive at the picnic but realise they have left the ketchup behind. Arnie Ant immediately volunteers for the dangerous mission to retrieve the ketchup but the Squirrels have it in hand. They walk around the puddle and join the picnic. Hot dogs are served for everyone.


  • Sailor Duggee.

Close and Credits

The Ants answer “Sir, Yes Sir”.

Get Your Paper Boat Badge

Start by making a paper boat. Here is a tutorial from Easy Peasy Fun:

Next, have a picnic with a BBQ and music.

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