The Puppy Badge

1.35 The Puppy Badge

The Puppy Badge is a reasonably accurate simulation of what it is like to babysit a baby. If you haven’t had a small child at home recently you suddenly spot all the breakable items, precious toys and vulnerable pets. Duggly has to be the best character only yo appear I one episode (feel free to disagree in the comments).

Badge Design

Round with a puppy.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy in the bath with his snorkel.


Happy has built an impressive rocket out of blocks and the other Squirrels are admiring it.


Duggee is looking after his puppy nephew Duggly. Duggee puts Duggly down on the floor where he spies a truck. He waddles over to it and starts banging it on the ground. Then he notices Happy’s rocket and waddles straight to it and knocks it down. Then he notices Enid the cat. He waddles straight over and pulls her tail. The Squirrels look for something more suitable:

  • Happy suggests a jigsaw but it is too complicated.
  • Tag suggests a jack-in-the-box but it is too scary.
  • Betty suggests a rattle which is perfect.

Duggly plays with the rattle then stops suddenly. He’s made a bad smell. Luckily Duggee know what to do, he has his Puppy Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.35 The Puppy Badge


Duggee changes Duggly’s nappy:

  1. He removes the dirty nappy.
  2. He puts it in the bin.
  3. He cleans Duggly with the wipes.
  4. He puts on a clean nappy.

They all need some fresh air. The Squirrels show Duggly around outdoors. Tag shows him the blue sky and Betty shows him the green tree. Roly shows him Enid and Duggly immediately waddles towards her. He falls over on the way and bursts into tears. The Squirrels take it in turns to try to cheer Duggly up:

  • Norrie, Roly and Happy pull funny faces.
  • Betty blows bubbles.
  • Tag does star jumps.
  • Happy gives him some balloons.
  • Norrie does a dance.
  • Roly jumps out of a present.
  • Betty draws a picture of Power Puppy.
  • Happy dresses up as a cowboy.
  • Roly plays the xylophone.
  • Chicken reads a magazine.
  • Norrie plays her ukelele.
  • Some gives him the robot.
  • Tag dresses up as a clown.
  • Naughty Monkey cries.
  • Hyena points and laughs.
  • Worm does keepy-upies.
  • Rabbit eats a cake.
  • A bird appears.
  • A sheep tells a joke.
  • Duggee’s puppets appear on TV.
  • Hedgeley puts on rollerskates.
  • Mr Crab dances.
  • An alien takes off.
  • A mole in a clown outfit cycles on a bicycle with square wheels.
  • A duck quacks.
  • Frog goes ribbit.

Duggly continues to cry until Frog arrives, he loves Frog. Duggly falls asleep to Frog’s ribbits.


  • Duggee mobile.

Close and Credits

While Duggly is asleep everyone whispers. He wakes up and starts crying again after the Squirrels have left. Duggly sleeps next to Frog while the credits roll.

Supporting Cast

  • Duggly


Some of the Squirrels have special outfits when they are trying to cheer Duggly up:

  • Tag has a workout outfit.
  • Norrie has a dance outfit.
  • Happy has a cowboy outfit.
  • Tag has a clown outfit.

Get Your Puppy Badge

Do some babysitting together. Work out which toys are suitable for a baby.

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