1.23 The Rain Dance Badge

The Rain Dance Badge provides us with another tune for Top of the Pups. This episode has a lot of other fun moments including Happy’s daydream, the Squirrels’ bemused reaction to Duggee’s rain dance, the Squirrels’ dance and the blooming meadow at the end.

Badge Design

Round with a dancing raincloud (complete with top hat).

Episode Summary

Episode written by Danny Stack.

Opening Squirrel

Happy in the bath with his snorkel.


Tag is playing with a car. Roly is spinning a spinning top. Happy is building with the blocks. Norrie and Betty are having a tea party.

Set up

Duggee is watering the plants, it’s a hot day and they are thirsty. Duggee’s watering can is empty and Happy is distraught. Tag knows what to do. He runs off to the tap but the tap runs dry. The Squirrels try to think about where else they can get water from. Happy goes off into a water daydream:

  • Happy in the bath with the shower on.
  • Happy in the paddling pool with the sprinkler on.
  • Happy in the sea with fish leaping over his head.
  • Happy standing under a rain cloud.

Happy remembers they need rain but there is not a cloud in the sky. There doesn’t seem to be a way to make it rain but Duggee does have is Rain Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.23 The Rain Dance Badge


Duggee performs the rain dance for the Squirrels and a cloud appears in the sky. The Squirrels are not especially impressed and make up their own rain dance. Duggee, the chickens, the sheep Frog and the birds all join in. As they finish the dance they all look up at the sky expectantly. At first, it doesn’t seem to have worked, then the heavens open. The Squirrels run into the clubhouse, except Happy who splashes. The animals hide from the rain too. Ladybird crawls under a mushroom, Tortoise hides in his shell and a squirrel has a bath. The rain soon passes. It has the desired effect and the flowers all perk up and more flowers than ever appear.


  • Duggee sunshine.

Close and Credits

Tortoise pops back out of his shell.

Get your Rain Dance Badge

Have the kids help out watering the plants during hot weather. Join in with the Squirrels’ rain dance and make up your own moves. Make a rainmaker.

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