The Sandcastle Badge

1.38 The Sandcastle Badge

The Sandcastle Badge reveals the Squirrels as master builders with sand, although perhaps we should have guessed their skills from The Cardboard Box Badge. It also introduces the character of Nigel Crab, a rare character with both a first name and surname.

Badge Design

Rectangle with a sandcastle.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag playing with a toy train.


The Squirrels are riding on Duggee’s back to the beach. Duggee is towing a train of three trailers with everything they need, including all their beach gear, Enid, the chickens and Frog.


They all settle into enjoying the sun:

  • Duggee rubs in some suncream.
  • The chickens settle onto their beach towels. One has sunglasses, one is listening to music and one is setting up a sunshade.
  • Frog drinks a glass of water.
  • Enid plays with the waves.

Roly is digging to make a sandcastle. The other Squirrels are not sure about the resulting pile of sand. They ask Duggee to help them make a sandcastle, Duggee has his Sandcastle Badge.


To make a sandcastle you need to:

  1. Take a bucket an spade.
  2. Dig up some wet sand.
  3. Pour it into your bucket.
  4. Pat it down.
  5. Turn your bucket upsidedown.
  6. And lift.

The Squirrels get to work making a bigger sandcastle. Meanwhile, a seagull flies down and pecks Mr Crab. He wakes Nigel, they need a new home. They are impressed with the Squirrels work and ask them to create a residence for them.

Norrie shows Mr and Mr Crab the plans while the other Squirrels build:

  • Tag builds a wall.
  • Roly adds windows.
  • Tag landscapes a garden.
  • Roly runs up some newly crafted stairs.
  • Happy does what he does best and makes a water feature.
  • Betty decorates.

When the Squirrels have finished they show Mr and Mr Crab around inside. The theme of the house is sand:

  • Tag has decorated using shells.
  • Roly shows them the window with its ocean view.
  • Norrie shows them the fridge freezer.
  • Tag shows them the cosy fireplace.
  • Betty shows them the piano. Mr Crab plays a tune.
  • Finally Happy shows them the roof terrace.


In this episode, there are not any traditional Hey Duggee bridges. Instead, we get:

  • Surfing chickens.
  • Chickens in a speedboat with one of them waterskiing.
  • Chickens surfing on a spout of water from a whale.

Close and Credits

The parents are all wearing beach gear too. Duggee and the Crabs wave goodbye to the Squirrels as the sea begins to wash away their new home. Duggee is still relaxing on the beach during the credits.

Supporting Cast

  • Mr and Mr Crab


Duggee and the Squirrels wear their beach gear throughout:

  • Duggee has a fetching pink Hawaiian shirt and blue swim shorts.
  • Betty wears a green swim hat.
  • Happy has on a blue and white swimsuit.
  • Norrie is wearing a pink polka dot swimsuit.
  • Tag has on red swimming trunks.
  • Roly wears orange swim shorts.

Get Your Sandcastle Badge

Next time you visit the beach, make a sandcastle to rival the Squirrels’ efforts.

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