1.9 The Scarecrow Badge

It seems unbelievable that we are at episode 9 and this is our first Roly central episode. Roly is a loud character from the start but this is where we were introduced to his catchphrase, “birds!” (apart from a brief shout in The Summer Holiday Badge). Even this early on in the programme’s history, Roly running around like Rambo just seems on-brand for Roly. I haven’t seen the film but I am familiar with it from pop culture and Roly’s performance as the title character seems credible.

The sweet personalities of the Squirrels are seen again and again throughout Hey Duggee. Whether it is bringing Duggee back a bone from the treasure cave or helping Mork find his toothbrush, they are always trying to help. It is not on the Squirrels’ natures to leave the birds scared in a tree with nothing to eat. Making them a cosy birdhouse is exactly what they would do.

Badge Design

Rectangle with a scarecrow.

Episode Summary

Episode written by Danny Stack.

Opening Squirrel

Roly watching a windmill in the garden.


The Squirrels are cooking with fruit. Betty is reading a cookbook and Norrie is at the toy oven.


Duggee is planting corn but the birds are eating it. Roly shouts at a bird but Duggee has his scarecrow badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.9 The Scarecrow Badge.


The rest of the Squirrels run inside to make a scarecrow while Roly stays behind to scare the birds. Duggee says they can build the scarecrow out of anything. Something he immediately seems to regret. Meanwhile, Roly has gone a bit Rambo, even wearing a red headband. In a brilliant sequence, Roly becomes one with the environment in his campaign against the birds. The birds distract Roly with a doughnut but the other Squirrels appear with their giant robot scarecrow just in time. 

The Squirrels think the birds look sad but Duggee has an idea. He builds the birds a birdhouse, complete with feeders and a seating area to relax. 

Close and Credits

A bird lands on Duggee’s head.


  • Duggee is wearing his farmer outfit, denim dungarees and white shirt.

Find out more about all the Series 1 outfits here.

Get your Scarecrow Badge

Making scarecrows is a fun activity, even if you do not have any crops to guard. Some villages even have scarecrow festivals that you can go along to. Other things to do for this badge include planting seeds and building birdhouses. There’s also a great tutorial on making a bird feeder on the Hey Duggee website:

What do You Think?

What was your favourite moment in this badge? What will you do to get this badge? Please leave a comment below and a link to any crafts, recipes or activities you have done for this badge. I look forward to reading about them and possibly including them in future articles.
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