The Sheep Badge

1.27 The Sheep Badge

The highlight of The Sheep Badge is undoubtedly Duggee dressed as Little Bow Peep.

Badge Design

Round with a sheep on a hill.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty reading a book while eating her breakfast.


Tag is playing with the cars. Roly is spinning the spinning top. Betty is reading about the solar system. Happy is building with the blocks. Norrie is playing with the till.


The Squirrels run off to see what Duggee is doing and a sheep wanders in and eats Betty’s book. Duggee is washing his hands because he has been feeding the animals. A lot more sheep wander into the clubhouse. They check the gate and find that it is broken. They need to gather up the sheep. Luckily Duggee has his Sheep Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.27 The Sheep Badge


Duggee remembers that there are 10 sheep missing. The Squirrels run off to find the sheep.

  1. Betty finds one in the treehouse.
  2. Happy finds Enid asleep on one. It hops back to the field with Enid still asleep.
  3. Tag finds one in the washing basket.
  4. One helps Roly complete a jigsaw.
  5. Happy and Norrie find one in the sports cupboard.
  6. Tag and Betty find one eating the wall calendar. Duggee picks a piece of the calendar from the sheep’s back as he passes.
  7. Norrie and Happy find one in a tree.
  8. Roly finds one dressed as a scarecrow.
  9. Happy finds one in the sink wearing a snorkel.

The 10th sheep is nowhere to be found. The Post Beaver arrives with a postcard from the sheep. The sheep is stuck on a mountain. The Squirrel cross desert, forest and oceans to reach the sheep and return it to the flock.

Close and Credits

Another sheep pops up.

Supporting Cast

  • The Sheep


Duggee has the following outfits as he guides the sheep back to the field:

  • Pink little bow peep, complete with shepherd’s crook.
  • Lollypop lady.
  • Giant foam sports hand.

Get your Sheep Badge

Visit a farm and feed the sheep. If you can go in the springtime you might even get to meet a lamb.

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