The Snowman Badge

1.30 The Snowman Badge

The fabulous penguins make their debut in The Snowman Badge. I am a big fan of their work here and in The Sailing Badge.

Badge Design

Round with a snowman.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy watching his goldfish.


It’s is snowing as the Squirrels arrive at the clubhouse. They play outside with Duggee shovels snow.


The Squirrels all play on the playground. Roly swings on the swing, Tag slides down the slide and Happy, Norrie and Betty spin on the roundabout. They discover that snow is wet, cold and slippy. Duggee shows them how to make a snow-bone. The wonder what else they can make. Duggee has his Snowman Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.30 The Snowman Badge


Duggee shows them how to make a snowman by rolling balls of snow. Tag finds an old sweet in his pocket for one eye. Roly finds an old sweet in his mouth for the other eye. A rabbit pops up and gives them a carrot for the nose and Duggee finishes it off with a bobble hat.

Some Penguins arrive and challenge the Squirrels to a snowman contest. The Penguins make a snowman complete with top hat and cane which the Squirrels admit is pretty good. Things begin to escalate:

  • Betty makes a snow-slug.
  • A Penguin makes a snow-bird.
  • The Squirrels make a snow-chipmunk.
  • The Penguins make a snow-pig.
  • The Squirrels make a snowcone.
  • The Penguins make a snow-snake.
  • The Squirrels make a snow-elephant.
  • The Penguins make a snow-tank.
  • The Squirrels make a snow-octopus.
  • The Penguins make a snow-balloon.
  • The Squirrels make a snow-fridge.
  • The Penguins make a snow-tree.
  • The Squirrels make a snow-whale.
  • The Penguins make a snow-boat.
  • The Squirrels make a snow-dog.
  • The Penguins make a snow-cat.
  • The Squirrels make a snow-hat.
  • The Penguins make a snow-ball.
  • The Squirrels make a snow-bus.
  • They all make a dinosaur.

The teams call a truce and discover they are on top of a snow mountain and don’t know how to get down. Borris the Penguin has an idea and slides down. The rest of the Penguins and Squirrels follow, declaring it the best slide ever. The Penguins say goodbye.


  • Duggee snowman.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels’ snowman comes to life.

Supporting Cast

  • The Penguins.


Duggee and the Squirrels have their outdoor snow clothes on.

  • Duggee has a scarf and hat that matches his uniform.
  • Norrie wears a purple scarf and ear warmers.
  • Betty has a pink hat and yellow gloves.
  • Happy has on his brown duffle coat.
  • Tag has an orange coat and hunting hat.
  • Roly is wearing a green and blue hat and green gloves.

Get your Snowman Badge

Get outside this winter and build a snowman.

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