1.28 The Spider Badge

The character of Spider has an interesting arc in The Spider Badge. It mirrors that of Norrie who goes from being scared of Spider to embracing a new friend and offering them a home. Spider, on the other hand, goes from being frightened every time she encounters Norrie to losing her home to finding her place in the clubhouse.

Badge Design

Round with a spider on a spider web.

Episode Summary

Episode written by Jo Clegg.

Opening Squirrel

Norrie playing the ukelele.


The Squirrels are all playing with the doll’s house. Happy has a whale, Roly has a fire engine, Betty has Power Puppy, Tag has a robot and Norrie has Zaza.


Zaza wants to go to bed so Norrie goes to the toy box to find some pyjamas. There’s a spider in there. Zaza decides she wants a glass of milk instead. There’s a spider under the cup. Zaza would rather have a story. There’s a spider asleep behind the book. Norrie runs back to the other Squirrels to tell them about the spider. Betty wonders if it was as big as an apple. Roly asks if it was as big as a teddy. Tag queries if it was as big as a bed. Happy questions if it was as big as a house. Each time Norrie says “bigger!”. They run off to tell Duggee. Duggee has his Spider Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.28 The Spider Badge


The Squirrels get dressed up to capture the spider:

  • Betty wears a colander and carries a net.
  • Happy has a dustbin lid and an oven glove.
  • Roly is wearing a cardboard box.
  • Tag has a cushion strapped around him and a saucepan helmet.
  • Norrie is carrying a torch and Zaza.

They search for Spider:

  • Norrie lifts the lid of the biscuit tin and out pops Frog.
  • Happy lifts the lid of the toilet and our pops Frog.
  • Norrie switches the torch on and finds Frog.
  • Betty and Tag pull back the curtains and find Frog drinking a glass of water.
  • Frog is in the bookcase.
  • Frog is in the bin.
  • Frog is on the windowsill.
  • Frog is in the fruit bowl.
  • Frog is in the jack-in-the-box.
  • Frog is in a suitcase.

The Squirrels decide to play outside but find their way blocked by a giant cobweb. The web begins to vibrate causing the Squirrels hide behind Duggee. After a few pings, Spider appears and the Squirrels realise he is only small. Roly yells hello, causing a fire engine to fall onto Enid’s tail. Enid runs through Spider’s web. Spider falls into Duggee’s hand. The Squirrels are concerned that Spider doesn’t have anywhere to live. Zaza suggests that Spider moves into the dollhouse. Spider agrees and has a tea party with Zaza, Power Puppy and the robot.


  • Spider nose Duggee.

Close and Credits

Spider makes a heart-shaped web for Duggee.

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