The Story Badge

1.51 The Story Badge

The crazy opening of The Story Badge perfectly contrasts with the sedate second half of the episode.

The pictures in the book are beautifully drawn and nostalgic.

Badge Design

Hexagon with some glasses reading a book.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag playing with a train.


The Squirrels are paying outside. Betty and Norrie are building sandcastles in the sandpit. Roly is running in circles. Tag is playing with a car. Happy is hopping.


Duggee plays the banjo while we see a montage of all the things the Squirrels have been up to today:

  • Happy has been drawing.
  • Betty has read a book.
  • Tag has watered the flowers.
  • Roly has run in circles around Worm.
  • Happy has dressed up as Splash and jumped in a puddle.
  • Norrie has danced.
  • Roly has visited the chickens.
  • Norrie has untangled some bunting.
  • They have all played hide and seek.
  • Betty has blown bubbles.
  • They have all bounced.
  • Norrie has played with some balloons.
  • Duggee has bounced too.
  • Happy has jumped in the cows’ water trough.
  • Tag has carried wood.
  • Happy has done some decorating.
  • Betty has pulled funny faces.
  • Roly has blown bubbles.
  • Norrie has pulled funny faces.
  • Duggee has baked cakes.
  • Happy has eaten cakes with the rabbits.
  • Duggee and the Squirrels have all been on a boat.
  • Roly has looked under a cow.
  • Enid has played with a ball of wool.
  • Tag has danced.
  • Happy has done some crafts.
  • Roly has blown bubbles in a glass of water.
  • Betty has drunk water.
  • Roly has played in a box.
  • They have cleared out the workshop.
  • Roly has played cowboys on Bucky.
  • Betty has done some finger painting.
  • They have all ridden in the fire engine.
  • Happy has played cowboys too.
  • Roly has bounced on a mushroom.
  • And so on.

Duggee’s audience increases throughout the montage to include a chicken, Enid, Cow, Frog, Sheep, Naughty Monkey, Spider, Bird and Worm. They are nearly all wearing cowboy hats.

The Squirrels are tired. Duggee arrives with some milk and cookies.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.51 The Story Badge


Duggee begins to tell the story. It starts promisingly but quickly becomes repetitive and dull. Roly chimes in to liven up the story, followed by the rest of the Squirrels. Cookie has a friend who is a dinosaur. They both want popcorn for breakfast but the popcorn princess has taken it all. They chase her but she is too fast. Luckily, Barbara, the robot car turns up and they give chase. Then a giant strawberry appears and makes the popcorn princess sneeze herself away. Cookie gets her popcorn back and she shares it with her friends.


  • Cookie Duggee.

Close and Credits

Duggee appears with the characters in the book.

Style Change

The story is told from a beautifully illustrated children’s book.

Get Your Story Badge

Read some stories together, then make up your own.

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