The Submarine Badge

1.46 The Submarine Badge

I think most parents can sympathise with Betty’s dad in the Submarine Badge. The constant balance between encouraging children and preventing them from completely destroying whatever space they are currently occupying is certainly familiar to me.

Badge Design

Round like a porthole with a submarine in it.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty drawing on her blackboard.


The Squirrels are riding on Duggee’s back.


The Squirrel Club is going to visit Betty’s dad. They arrive at a deserted pier. A submarine surfaces and Betty’s dad appears from the hatch. They are all going on a submarine adventure. Duggee has his Submarine Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.46 The Submarine Badge


Betty’s dad invites them aboard and gives them a tour of the craft while Duggee takes the wheel. He shows them the instruments and reveals a window from which they spot some interesting sea creatures:

  • A giant sea stallion.
  • Jazz fish.
  • Crazy coral junction.

When he turns around he finds the Squirrels playing with the sensitive instruments and equipment. He hurriedly moves them away. Happy has discovered the sonar which is showing something near the ship. When they look out the window they meet a school of fish. It’s time to head back. They than Betty’s dad whose nerves are a little frayed.


  • A fish chased by a submarine.

Close and Credits

A fish swims in.

Supporting Cast

  • Betty’s Dad


  • Duggee wears a fisherman’s overalls and bobble hat throughout.

Get Your Submarine Badge

Visit an aquarium to learn more about life under the sea.

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