1.6 The Super Squirrels Badge

The Super Squirrel Badge is where Hey Duggee first comes into its own. It has it all, the squirrels’ personalities shine through, the change in art style for the comic sequence is spot on, and it has a line that made it into the top 5 best Duggee moments.

The story centres around Betty’s love of comics. She has obviously thought quite a lot about her super alter ego, down to the outfit which she puts on at the first opportunity. She also relishes the chance to do some real-life rescues and is disappointed when all is calm. Betty is someone who wants to be busy.  

While Betty is the star of this episode, all the Squirrels have their moments. Some of my favourites are Happy’s super alter ego reflecting his obsession with water, Tag flying with some help from Duggee and Roly’s superpower being super shout. Of course, my favourite moment is when Roly announces his superhero name, Stephen.

Badge Design

Superman Style S on a shield-shaped badge.

Episode Summary

Episode written by Grant Orchard.

Opening Squirrel

Betty reading her comic.


Happy and Norrie are having a tea party. Betty is reading her comic. Roly and Tag are playing with the building blocks.


Betty is too busy studying her comic “Power Puppy” to join the other squirrels. There is a switch to a comic art style as Betty tells the other squirrels about Power Puppy and her superpowers. The Squirrels wish they could be Super Squirrels. Duggee runs off to the laundry room and returns quick-as-a-flash, dressed as Super Duggee. He has his Super Squirrel Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.6 The Super Squirrels Badge.


Betty explains they all need costumes so they raid the dressing-up box (see under outfits below for costume descriptions). Next, they need to choose their Super Squirrel names:

  • Betty is Brilliant Girl.
  • Tag is Super Tag.
  • Norrie is Mega Mouse.
  • Happy is Splash.
  • After some confusion Roly chooses Stephen.

They head outside to play Super Squirrels. Happy and Roly play super chase while Norrie and Tag play super jump and skip. Betty isn’t happy, there’s no one to help. Then she hears a quack, a duckling is lost. She calls “Squirrel Squad assemble”. Together they use their powers to find the duck’s mum. Mega mouse uses super hearing and hears quacking. Super Tag flys up with Duggee’s help to look for her. Splash uses super splash to clear puddles. Stephen uses a super shout to get mummy duck’s attention. 


Duggee does a quick change to his Super Squirrel outfit.

Close and Credits

Duggee’s superpower is super Duggee hug. Duggee flies, leaving a rainbow trailing behind him. During credits, he can be seen sleeping in the sky.


  • Duggee’s Super Squirrel outfit is Superman blue suit with red trousers and a yellow cape. His Super Squirrel badge is in the centre of his chest. 
  • Betty’s Super Squirrel outfit is a pink and orange striped mask.
  • Happy’s Super Squirrel outfit is a blue and white cape and snorkel.
  • Roly’s Super Squirrel outfit is some blue and yellow underpants and a colander helmet.
  • Tag’s Super Squirrel outfit is a navy blue cape, yellow belt and a navy sock with some holes cut in it for a mask.
  • Norrie’s Super Squirrel outfit is yellow boots, gloves, cape and star in her right ear. She also now has a striped skirt and red star in her left ear.

Find out more about all the Series 1 outfits here.

Get your Super Squirrel Badge

It’s dress-up time. Superhero themed costumes are popular and easy to come by but you can have just as much fun with a homemade cape and mask. As well as taking part in some real-life rescues (maybe combine it with the Rescue Badge) you could draw your own comic together.

What do You Think?

What was your favourite moment in this badge? What will you do to get this badge? Please leave a comment below and a link to any crafts, recipes or activities you have done for this badge. I look forward to reading about them and possibly including them in future articles.
(Note – irrelevant comments or links will be removed!)

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