The Surprise Badge

1.49 The Surprise Badge

The Surprise Badge was the first episode of Hey Duggee I watched. I instantly knew I was looking at something different and I loved it.

Badge Design

Round with a present with stars coming out of it.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Norrie playing hopscotch.


The Squirrels are skipping.


Hennie skates in. She is off to join the girls for a birthday tennis match but unfortunately her racket is old and broken. They Squirrels are worried that they haven’t gotten Hennie a birthday present. Fortunately, Duggee remembered. He has a new tennis racket ready to wrap. He has his Surprise Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.49 The Surprise Badge


The need wrapping paper and sticky tape. Duggee shows them what to do and the Squirrels run off to wrap the racket. They grab the paper and unroll it. They take pieces of sticky tape and after getting a little stuck they begin to wrap up the handle. Norrie gets tangled up in tape and Roly falls asleep under a piece of paper. Norrie and Roly are finally ready with the final piece of paper.

The piece of paper gets stuck on Roly’s hand. He flicks it at Norrie and it gets stuck to her nose. Tag pulls it off and it’s stuck to his hand like a puppet. Tog pulls it off and it flies towards Betty. It covers her eyes causing her to trip over a toy car. The paper floats onto Enid who runs away. As Enid runs past Happy the paper catches on his trousers. Happy jumps out of the paper and a sheep comes along and eats it. The sheep spits it out and it lands on a cow’s head like a crown. The cow shakes it off and it lands on Ethel’s trunk. She blows it up into the sky. It lands on mole’s head like a hat. He pops underground and transfers it to Worm who reappears with a paper wig. A bird picks it up and flies into the sky where a giraffe in an aeroplane briefly wears it as a scarf. It falls as a paper plane, circling Duggee on a mountain and eventually poking Naughty Monkey. Naughty Monkey throws the plane back towards the Squirrels and the whole thing happens in reverse.

Roly adds the final piece and they deliver the gift to Hennie who hasn’t had a very good tennis match. Hennie is pleased with her surprise.


  • Duggee pops out of a giant present.
  • Duggee tennis ball.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Surprise Badge.

Duggee is hit on the head by a tennis ball.

Supporting Cast

  • Hennie

Get Your Badge

Wrap a present together for a birthday of Christmas.

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