The Teddy Bear Badge

1.50 The Teddy Bear Badge

The teddy bear that the Squirrels make in The Teddy Bear Badge shows that they are capable of creating monstrosities despite good intentions.

Badge Design

Round with a teddy bear.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy watching his goldfish.


The Squirrels are set on top of a picnic basket on Duggee’s back.


They are going on picnic. As they ride on Duggee’s back they spot animals along the way. They find the perfect spot for a picnic. They have everything they need:

  • Blanket
  • Sandwiches
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Cakes
  • Juice
  • Teddy bears

The Squirrels introduce their teddy bears, some of whom are already familiar (most notably Zaza from the Spider Badge).

  • Norrie’s teddy is called Zaza.
  • Tag introduces Sergeant Smash.
  • Betty’s is Professor Fuzzy. She is really clever.
  • Happy’s teddy is called puddle and like him it likes to splash.
  • Roly’s teddy is Sunshine Bubbles who loves him very much.
  • Duggee also has an old teddy bear.

Tag spots an enormous teddy bear who turns out to be a real bear. They follow her to her cave and find out her name is Beryl. Beryl is shy and reluctant to join the Squirrels’ picnic as she does not have her own teddy. The Squirrels feel sad for her and decide to make her a teddy. Norrie finds a log for the body. Tag finds leaves for fur. Betty finds acorns for ears. Happy finds stones for eyes. Roly finds a slug for the mouth. The slug isn’t very impressed and slimes away. The Squirrels are not very impressed with their creation. Luckily Duggee has his Teddy Bear Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.50 The Teddy Bear Badge


Duggee shows the Squirrels how to make it cuddly. He removes a sock and stuffs it with leaves. The Squirrels then decorate it with sticks, leaves, acorns, stones and a reluctant slug. The take the teddy to Beryl and she falls immediately in love.

Beryl and her teddy bear join the picnic. They all eat sandwiches with their teddy bears. Betty and Professor Fuzzy read books together. Beryl throws her bear in the air. They all sing along to Duggee’s guitar. Beryl takes her bear on a boat ride. They run through the fields hand in hand with their bears.


  • Sunrise Duggee.
  • Duggee teddy bear having a picnic.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have their Teddy Bear Badges.

Duggee’s bear pops out from the picnic basket.

Supporting Cast

  • Beryl the bear.


Duggee has a fantastic unique outfit to play the Spanish guitar.

Get Your Teddy Bear Badge

I have put together a list of suggestions for activities you could do to get your Teddy Bear Badge. Start with making some picnic food and having a teddy bear’s picnic with your bears. I’ve also included books to read, activity books and nature crafts.

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