The Tidy Up Badge

1.32 The Tidy Up Badge

Does anyone else’s living room permanently look similar to the clubhouse at the beginning of The Tidy Up Badge? I wonder if Duggee would lend me his vacuum cleaner.

Badge Design

Round with a rainbow feather duster.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly watching a windmill.


The Squirrels have lots of toys out. Tag is playing with the car garage. Betty is reading a book about the solar system. Norrie is having a tea party with a polar bear and a penguin. Roly is spinning the spinning top. Happy is building with the building blocks.


The Squirrels leave their toys when they run off to see Duggee leaving Enid asleep on the rug in the middle. Roly’s spinning top continues to spin hitting the button to set off the toy rocket. The rocket flies onto the shelf and knocks into the gem, which knocks into the egg which knocks over the books. One book falls onto the saucepan handle. The saucepan flings its contents (fruit) across the room. The fruit hits the garage, causing the cars to roll down the ramp and into an easel. The easel falls over, squirting paint across the wall.

Duggee is dusting. The dust makes everyone cough and sneeze. The doorbell goes and it is the delivery beaver with a parcel for Duggee. It’s a fancy new vacuum cleaner. The Squirrels all have a vacuum cleaner at home. Duggee has his Tidy Up Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.32 The Tidy Up Badge


Roly asks “What is tidying up?”. Duggee points to the tidy end of the clubhouse, then to the Squirrels play area. The Squirrels have to tidy up:

  • Tag picks up the blocks.
  • Roly tries to pick up the cars but they keep rolling off the garage.
  • Betty picks up the books.
  • Happy picks up the tea party things.
  • Roly is still struggling with the car.
  • Norrie picks up the garage.

With the clubhouse tidy the Duggee can use his new vacuum cleaner. The Squirrels follow Duggee as he cleans. Roly spots a lightening button on the machine and presses it. Suddenly, the suction goes crazy and sucks up everything in the clubhouse as Duggee and the Squirrels chase it around. It breaks free of the clubhouse and zooms outside towards the chickens as they slowly back away. The plug pulls out of the wall just in time. The clubhouse is completely empty. Then Duggee remembers the reverse button. He presses it and with the Squirrels’ help he shoots the toys back where they belong.


  • Dusty Duggee is cleaned by a feather duster.

Close and Credits

The cars drive past, knocking roadblocks and boxes over.

Get Your Tidy Up Badge

Tidy up together.

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