The Tinsel Badge

1.52 The Tinsel Badge

The Tinsel Badge was actually the first episode of Hey Duggee to appear on UK television. Although the series was due to begin in mid-January with The Drawing Badge the BBC obviously knew they were on to something exceptional and showed this Christmas special a few weeks earlier.

Badge Design

Round with a Christmas tree.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly by the fireplace.


Happy and Norrie are having a tea party. Betty is reading about Christmas. Tag and Roly have built a tower.


Duggee is wrapping presents for the animals. The Squirrels want to put the presents under the Christmas tree but it hasn’t been decorated. Duggee can show the Squirrels how to decorate the clubhouse, he has his Tinsel Badge.


Duggee goes up to the attic and pulls out the box of shiny decorations. Betty and Norrie can’t decide what to put on first and Roly just starts throwing things on. Duggee shows them how to do it carefully.

  • Duggee hands out decprations.
  • Tag and Happy put baubles on the tree.
  • Norrie and Betty add the tinsel.
  • Roly licks the candy canes before hanging them on the tree.
  • Roly licks the paper chains for Norrie.
  • Happy hangs up the stockings.
  • Roly eats a candy cane.
  • They cover every inch of the clubhouse.
  • Duggee hangs the fairy on top of the tree.

Roly finds the lights and the Squirrels go crazy with them. When they’ve finished everything is covered including Duggee and Enid. When they turn them on they are a little bright until Duggee adjusts the setting. Enid doesn’t like being decorated and runs off.

Next, they head out to deliver gifts to the animals while they look for Enid. They hand out:

  • A candy cane for Naughty Monkey.
  • A lantern for Rabbit.
  • A jumper for frog.
  • A star for Hennie.
  • Crowns for the chickens.

They find Enid in the barn and give her a new bed.


  • Duggee bauble.
  • Duggee fairy.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Tinsel Badge. Everyone heads home in the snow.

Duggee appears dressed as Father Christmas.

Get Your Tinsel Badge

Help decorate the house for Christmas.

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