The We Love Animals Badge

1.29 The We Love Animals Badge

The Squirrels are very sweet in the We Love Animals Badge. It’s lovely to see them embracing all types of animals, not just the cute ones.

Badge Design

Round with a lion face.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy watching his goldfish.


Tag is playing with a car. Roly is spinning the spinning top. Happy has built a tower. Norrie and Betty are having a tea party.


Duggee is stroking Enid the cat and the Squirrels join in. They turn around and when they turn back she has gone. They all love animals, including Duggee. He has his We Love Animals Badge.


Tag wonders how they show animals that they love them. Roly is advancing on a reluctant Enid to stroke her. The Squirrels all decide to find more animals to stroke:

  • Betty has found a tortoise but it’s a bit hard.
  • Happy has found a goldfish but it’s a bit wet.
  • Norrie has found Hedgeley the Hedgehog but he is a bit spikey.
  • Roly has found some birds but he can’t catch them.
  • Tag has found a slug but it’s a bit sticky.
  • Roly has found a bee but it’s too buzzy.
  • Happy has found Naughty Monkey but he’s too jumpy.
  • Norrie has found a bear but it’s too big.
  • Betty has found a hyena but it’s too hysterical.
  • Roly has found a lion but it’s too snarly.
  • Tag has found a bug but it’s too small.

Betty is disappointed that she has not found any animals to stroke. Duggee has an itchy back so Betty rubs it for him. The other Squirrels arrive and stroke Duggee too. They have proved they really love animals and all the animals agree.


  • Love-eyed Duggee.

Close and Credits

The bear gives Duggee a bear hug.

Supporting Cast

  • Enid the cat.

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