The Brave Banana Badge

2.35 The Brave Banana Badge

Banana muffins are delicious and the perfect way to get your Brave Banana Badge.

Badge Design

A medal with a firefighter banana.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Norrie is painting birdhouses.


Norrie and Tag are having a tea party. Betty is reading a cookbook. Roly and Happy are building with the blocks.


Duggee is baing muffins when the storm clouds roll in. The thunder and lightning scare the Squirrels and Enid and they cling to Duggee. All except for Roly who watches out of the window. Roly isn’t scared of the thunder but when the lights go out he is scared of the dark. Enid and the Squirrels all end up hiding under the sofa cushions. Duggee, Enid and the Squirrels cuddle on the sofa and Duggee explains that he was once scared but then he got his Brave Banana Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.25 The Brave Banana Badge


Duggee tells the story from when he was a pup and he enjoyed wandering the hills and mountains. Suddenly his peace is shattered by an alpine horn. Duggee decided to get past his fear by going to his happy place which for Duggee is a desert island. The Squirrels each think of their own happy places:

  • Tag imagines himself riding caterpillar around the world.
  • Roly imagines himself listening to loud rock music.
  • Betty imagines herself in a comic as Brilliant Girl saving a train.
  • Happy imagines himself and all his animal friends wearing top hats and tails and splashing in puddles.
  • Norrie imagines herself sliding down rainbows, bouncing on clouds and riding a princess swan.
  • Enid imagines herself in a Greek palace, being served by mice.

It is still stormy but the Squirrels are no longer feeling frightened. They all enjoy some banana muffins.

Close and Credits

Duggee send the storm clouds away.

Style Change

Betty’s happy place is a throwback to the stylised comic book from The Super Squirrels Badge.

Supporting Cast

  • Enid the cat.


  • Duggee is wearing his chef’s outfit to make his banana muffins.
  • In his flashback, Duggee is wearing lederhosen.
  • In his happy place, Duggee is wearing a pink floral Hawaiian shirt.
  • Roly wears grunge denim in his happy place.
  • Betty has her Brilliant Girl cape on in her happy place.
  • Happy wear a top hat and tails.
  • Norrie is wearing a blue and white dress in her happy place.

Get Your Brave Banana Badge

Make some banana muffins and talk about what scares you and your happy places.

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