The Camping Badge

2.17 The Camping Badge

The Camping Badge presents a pretty accurate representation of camping with children.

Badge Design

Triangle with a tent at night.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty doing chemistry with a poster of Einstein in the background. The poster of the periodic table has the Squirrels and Duggee as elements.


The  Squirrels are playing with their teddy bears. 


Duggee is packing his backpack for camping. They explain that camping is living outdoors in a tent. Duggee has his Camping Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.17 The Camping Badge


They head out for a walk and find somewhere to pitch as the sun goes down. As Duggee struggles with the tent, the Rabbits pop up to say they are on their carrot patch. They find another place to camp, this time they are on the lawn of some bugs. They finally get the tent up but find they are on the sheeps’ dinner. Duggee has an idea.

At last, they are cosy in the tent, but Tag can’t sleep without Sargent Smash, Happy want a glass of water, then he spills it on Betty, Roly is in Norrie’s sleeping bag, Duggee brings the wrong towel, Norrie has forgotten Zaza, Happy needs a change of clothes, Norrie wants an extra blanket and socks, Happy asks for water, then milk, Tag wants his torch, Norrie wants a book. Eventually, when Duggee has dealt with all the requests he falls asleep. The Squirrels are too excited to sleep. They hear an odd noise. Tag thinks it’s a monster. Norrie thinks it’s ants eating crisps. Betty thinks it’s a mouse opening a present. Happy thinks it’s a goat eating a book. They wake Duggee who goes outside and finds Enid scratching the tent. Duggee turns on the light and it turns out they were camping in the clubhouse. 


  • Sunshine Duggee.
  • Duggee lightbulb.

Close and Credits

Duggee falls asleep in his sleeping bag. His kennel has been replaced with a tent.

Supporting Cast

  • The rabbits
  • Enid


They all have hiking gear on for the outdoor section. Duggee has an orange puffer jacket, backpack and bobble hat. Tag has a wildfowl cap and backpack. Betty has a bobble hat and backpack. Happy has a red cap and backpack. Roly wears a party hat and backpack. Norrie wears a scarf and a backpack.

In the tent they wear pyjamas. Duggee has a green jumper on. Tag wears red trousers and a white top. Roly wears yellow trousers. Happy has blue striped pyjamas. Betty wears orange trousers and a bobble hat. Norrie wears a pink dress.

Get Your Camping Badge

Brave the outdoors and go camping, even if it’s just in your garden. If that’s not possible then camp down indoors.

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