The Collecting Badge

2.21 The Collecting Badge

The Collecting Badge is a better and more developed version of The Show and Tell Badge.

Badge Design

Rectangle with 12 things to collect.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag playing with his Duggee blocks.


Tag is playing with the toy cars. Betty is reading about the solar system. Norrie is playing with the cash register. Roly is spinning a spinning top. Happy is playing with the building blocks.


Duggee is dusting his biscuit tin collection. He has 29 different tins including a set of Duggee Russian Dolls and a lucky Chinese cat. Duggee also collects:

  • Buttons.
  • Stamps (28 are pictured, many with Duggee on them).
  • Toy frogs.
  • Squirrel club badges.

He has his Collecting Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.21 The Collecting Badge


Tag is unsure of what to collect. Duggee also has boxes of small things, big things, soft things, shiny things and things that make him happy. 

Betty collects rocks from the garden, underground cavern, mountain top and quarry.  When she can’t lift one the ant’s help. Roly collects leaves from the garden, leaf pile, long grass and from a tree. Happy collects shells from the beach, checking they are all empty. Norrie collects feathers from Mrs Bird, Toucan, Wooooo, Mork and Funky Chicken. Tag collected an old balloon, some string, a bottle, a lolly stick, and an old brown cushion. All things that remind him of his friends.


  • A collection of Duggee things – Duggee rock Duggee robot, Duggee train, Duggee ball, Duggee rocket, crochet Duggee, Duggee mug, Duggee umbrella, Duggee blocks, Duggee snowglobe, Duggee jack in the box and Duggee egg cup.

Close and Credits

Duggee dances with the Funky Chicken.

Supporting Cast

  • Ants


Betty wears a headlight, bobble hat, and a hard hat for collecting. Happy has his striped swimwear on for his trip to the beach.

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