The Colour Badge

2.30 The Colour Badge

The use of the colouring book style in The Colour Badge makes this episode entertaining and engaging.

Badge Design

The shape of a pallet with splodges of paint.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy beatboxing.


The Squirrels are playing hide and seek.


Duggee is painting in his colouring book. The Squirrels join in. Betty paints a bee yellow, Tag paints a fire engine red, Happy paints water blue, Roly paints a lizard green. Norrie wants to paint an orange but they don’t have any orange paint. Duggee has his Colour Badge, he can help.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.30 The Colour Badge


To make orange they need to mix yellow and red. For the purple grapes, Betty mixes red and blue. For the pink jelly, they mix red and white. Happy wants to paint blueberry juice so he adds black to his blue paint. Next, they experiment, mixing red, blue, white and black. They paint a lollypop lavender. They mix blue, white and green to make blamo (light blue) which they paint onto a giraffe, long with lemonberry (a pale yellow). Tag paints Naughty Monkey fizzy sip (pin with white spots). Happy mixes shlump and Betty mixes bazowee, They paint Tino together. Norrie paints Ethel rubylicious. Tag paints the gorilla in poppleberry. Roly paints flamingo in plume. Betty paints King Tiger in royal wow. Finally, they colour in themselves and the clubhouse. They imagine what it would be like if they really were those colours.


  • Duggee paint by numbers.

Close and Credits

Enid colours in a painting of Duggee. The credits are in the colouring book style with Duggee and his kennel in brilliant colour.

Style Change

The clean white paper and simple lines of the colouring book. 


Duggee wears a painter’s apron and beret.

Get Your Colour Badge

Try mixing colours to see what you get.

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