The Dancing Bug Badge

2.13 The Dancing Bug Badge

There are many familiar bugs making an appearance in The Dancing Bug Badge including Stick of The Stick Badge and sone fame.

Badge Design

Oval with 12 dancing bugs

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy sunbathing.


The Squirrels are playing outside. Roly and Happy are making daisy chains, Tag and Norrie kick a football and Betty is reading a cookbook.


Duggee has a new lawnmower. Then he hears some toe-tapping music. Tag spots a bug called Billy on his head. The band is here to play the Big Bug Ball. Billy plays the banjo, Dilly plays the double bass, Hilly plays the harmonica, Gilly plays the violin and Milly plays the washboard. They are Billy and the Sillies. They play for the Squirrels until Billy notices the equipment for the Ball is missing. Dilly has forgotten the lighting, Hilly has forgotten the refreshments, Gilly has forgotten the stage and Milly has forgotten the toilets. Duggee has his Dancing Bug Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.13 The Dancing Bugs Badge


Duggee hands out jobs, Tag is on lighting, Norrie is on set-design, Happy is on refreshments, Roly and Betty are on stage-building, while Duggee cuts the grass. Everything is going well until the Sillies start to play, making everything go silly. Everything comes together in the end, just in time for the crowd. Billy and the Sillies play a square dance for everyone.

Spotted in the crowd amongst the dancing bugs are Caterpillar, Spider, Buggee, Worm, one of the ants, Ladybird and Stick. 


  • Duggee embroidered onto a jeans pocket.

Close and Credits

The parents are also dressed up for the Dancing Bug Ball. Duggee Daces for the whole credits as the Bugs play.

Supporting Cast

  • The Dancing Bugs


Duggee wears a smart blue cowboy outfit. The Squirrels also have special outfits for the dance. Betty also wears a red checkered headscarf and blue jeans. Happy wears his cowboy hat, belt and blue jeans. Tag wears white trousers and a white fedora. Norrie has on a blue skirt, white shirt and hat. Roly wears blue dungarees and a straw hat.

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