The Dressing Up Badge

2.38 The Dressing Up Badge

I love all the different costumes that the characters choose in the Dressing Up Badge. The quest element of the story makes this episode special enough but coupled with the scenery it is amazing.

Badge Design

Rectangle with lots of dressing up stuff.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy on a bug hunt.


The Squirrels find Duggee wrapping gifts.


It’s Enid’s birthday and the Squirrels are worried because they haven’t gotten her a present. They try to think about what they can do but she doesn’t like surprises, balloons or cake. The Squirrels realise that Enid likes dressing up and they can have a dressing up party for her. Duggee has his Dressing Up Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.38 The Dressing Up Badge


The Squirrels dive into the dressing up box for their costumes:

  • Norrie dresses up as a pirate.
  • Happy dresses as a farmer.
  • Tag is a knight.
  • Roly is dressed as a firefighter.
  • Betty is dressed up as a plumber.
  • Frog is wearing a spacesuit.
  • The chickens are dressed up as a cowboy, police officer and construction worker.
  • Spider is dressed as a bat.
  • Duggee is a tennis player.

Enid arrives dressed as a princess. As she arrives Roly shouts “Happy Birthday” scaring her away. Tag proposes a quest to find her and an adventuring party is formed.

Norrie spots Enid through her telescope locked in a tower across the sea. Tag urges them onwards, past some peasant chickens. They reach the sea and fortunately, Norrie has a pirate ship. They set sail past Ethel the sea monster and through stormy seas. They reach land and are accosted by Hennie dressed as a dragon. Roly comes to the rescue, spraying her with his hose. An ethereal voice rings out and Tino the wizard teleports in. He sets them a riddle which farmer Happy easily solves. They continue over the hills, eventually reaching the tower. The guardian of the tower blocks their path but Betty helps him out of his hot costume. The way is clear to the foot of the tower but they still can’t get to Enid. Duggee has an idea. He pulls out a box of cat food and tempts her down.


  • Dress-up Duggee.
  • The party banner.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Dressing Up Badges.

The parents arrive and leave in paper vehicles. The scenery all falls down, including the clubhouse.

Style Change

The Dressing Up Badge plays around with a clever style change throughout the quest to rescue Enid. The whole thing takes place on a set complete with 2-D cardboard scenery. The fire that Hennie breathes even drops from the ceiling on cue.

Supporting Cast

  • Enid the cat.


Everyone wears imaginative costumes in this episode:

  • Norrie’s pirate outfit has black pirate ear-warmers, a stripey top and blue cut-off trousers.
  • For his farmer outfit, Happy wears a yellow cheque shirt, straw hat and is riding a toy tractor.
  • Tag’s knight costume is a suit of armour, helmet and hobby horse.
  • Roly has a full fire fighter’s outfit and fire engine.
  • Betty’s plumber’s out fir is the traditional blue dungarees, red hat and Italian accent.
  • Duggee is in a Wimbledon white tennis outfit.

Get Your Dressing Up Badge

Get dressed up and put on a play.

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