The Fashion Badge

2.51 The Fashion Badge

Badge Design

A coat hanger shape with a Duggee face.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag asleep in bed.


The Squirrels are all dancing to the stereo in their own styles.


Duggee is cleaning and repairing his collection of antiques because it is important to look after things that are really old. Tag points out that Duggee’s shirt is also really old. The Squirrels point out how many times Duggee has repaired his clothes. It has been a long time since Duggee made that outfit. Duggee has always made his own clothes, he’s very fashion-forward. Duggee has his Fashion Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.51 The Fashion Badge


The Squirrels want to help Duggee make new clothes. Duggee takes them to his sewing cupboard where he keeps all his:

  • Ribbons
  • Beads
  • Buttons
  • Bows
  • Fabric

The Squirrels are all very excited by all the soft, shiny, sparkly things in the cupboard. They all come up with lots of ideas (luckily they already have their Sewing Badges). They each come up with an ideas board:

  • Tag wants to make something fluffy.
  • Betty thinks Duggee wants lots of pockets.
  • Happy’s inspiration is water.
  • Norrie wants Duggee to accessorise.
  • Roly likes everything.

Now they have the material it’s time to get cutting, choosing, measuring, sewing on buttons, fluffing, styling, beautifying, deconstructing and mixing genres. When they are finished it’s time for Duggee to try them on.

The Squirrel Club invite all their friends to a fashion show. Tag introduces the Winter/Fall/Spring/Summer Duggee collection to the assembled crowd. Duggee wears each outfit on the catwalk:

  • Tag’s outfit is “full of fluffiness and sleepiness”. He calls it pyjamas.
  • Betty has made an everyday outfit with 365 pockets.
  • Happy has made swimwear. He calls it Splash Splash Splash.
  • Norrie’s outfit is a neon dance outfit.
  • Roly’s outfit has everything.

The crowd loves it. Duggee starts off shy but by the time he puts on Norrie’s outfit the crowd are chanting his name and he struts down the catwalk.

The final outfit is Duggee’s creation. He has redesigned his classic suit to be more sparkly. The Squirrels are impressed.


  • Duggee fashion design.
  • Duggee block puzzle.
  • Stitched Duggee.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Fashion Badges.

Duggee’s sleeve falls off.


This episode is full of new outfits. During the first fashion montage, Duggee’s outfits through time include:

  • Suit with a trilby.
  • Tie-dye suit.
  • Grunge style.
  • Big shoulder pads.

Duggee also wears six different outfits during the fashion show.

Meanwhile, the Squirrels dress up in homages to five fashion designers:

  • Roly is Tom Ford.
  • Norrie is Vivienne Westwood.
  • Betty is Anna Wintour.
  • Tag is Henry Holland.
  • Happy is Jean-Paul Gautier.

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