The Footprint Badge

2.5 The Footprint Badge

Fun things to notice in The Footprint Badge include Tag wearing Duggee’s jumper after he has looked for Happy there and Roly following the footprints in same way Duggee did at the beginning, like a dog. The Squirrels’ hide and seek skills have come a long way since The Hide and Seek Badge.

Badge Design

Oval with 13 different footprints.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag riding his bike. He rides backwards to get ready for Duggee.


The Squirrels are playing hide and seek and Happy is hiding. Betty and Norrie search the chicken house, Roly looks in the Birds’ nest and Tag checks Duggee’s jumper on the washing line. They ask Duggee for help and he finds Happy in a bush. Duggee has his Footprint Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.5 The Footprint Badge


The Squirrels realise they all have different footprints and look for more. Tag finds a tortoise, Norrie finds the mice, Happy find Naughty Monkey, Betty finds Frog and Roly find Ethel the elephant. Then Happy finds some mysterious footprints and Duggee pulls out his Encyclopedia of animal footprints. It’s not the Parisian Puma, the Himalayan Hopping Goat, the Lesser Spotted Lounge Lizard, the Triple Humped Curly Tailed Camel, or the Bottlenosed Biscuit Eating Bright Blue Baboon. They follow the footprints and find Katerina the flamingo. Katerina is the star of the flamingo synchronised swimming team but she has lost her flipper. The Squirrels follow the footprints and find Frog has stolen Katerina’s flipper. Flipper returned, the show starts. The flamingos put on a spectacular show to March Of The Toreadors from Carmen.


  • Duggee with binoculars.

Close and Credits

Duggee joins in the synchronised swimming and March Of The Toreadors plays over the credits.

Style Change

The printed pictures in Duggee’s Encyclopedia look great.

Supporting Cast

  • Katerina


Duggee wears pink swimming trunks and a flower in his hair for the end credits.

Get Your Footprint Badge

Have a look for natural footprints and identify them.

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