The Getting on Badge

2.39 The Getting On Badge

The point at which Hey Duggee goes in to three dimensions in the clubhouse is what makes The Getting On Badge memorable for me. This episodes has lots of little fun moments.

Badge Design

An odd shape with hugging hearts and shaking hands.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly meditating.


Duggee is picking berries. Norrie is bouncing on a pogo stick. Betty is skipping. Tag is bouncing a ball. Roly is hitting the shape game with a hammer. Happy is jumping.


Mole pops up from his underground house to complain about the banging. Fox, Badger, Vole and Worm appear to complain about Mole. They all live in underground homes. Happy imagines it must be idyllic but the other animals disagree. They all have complaints about their neighbours:

  • Badger complains about Moles banging, it ruins her cooking. Mole likes DIY and lives above Badger.
  • Fox complains about the smell of Badger’s cooking.
  • Badger points out that the smell is all the rubbish in Vole’s flat. Vole doesn’t think any of his stuff is rubbish.
  • Fox complains about Worm’s music. Worm likes to DJ at parties for all his friends, disturbing Fox’s meditation.
  • Worm lives next door to Fox and complains about her grunting while she exercises.

The all start arguing and the Squirrels observe that they don’t seem to get on very well. They try to come up with ideas for how to help but end up arguing themselves. Duggee calls a halt to the arguments, he has his Getting On Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.39 The Getting On Badge


Duggee sets up a group therapy session in the clubhouse. They work through how they feel when they are not getting on (sad) and when they are getting on (happy). They conclude that they can be happier by having fun together. Duggee guides them through some exercises:

  1. Trust – Badger falls back and is caught by Fox.
  2. Share – Worm and Roly drink from the same drink through a curly straw.
  3. Teamwork – Badger, Norrie, Happy and Betty play on the seesaw.
  4. Communication – Mole guides a blindfolded Vole to crack an egg into a bowl.
  5. Patience – Fox and Tag wait patiently under a tree for an apple to fall and celebrate when it does.

They then put what they have learned into practice:

  1. Patience – Badger has baked a pie. Everyone must wait patiently for it to be ready. Tag runs off to tell everyone about lunch.
  2. Communication – Tag pops into Worm’s flat to make the announcement. Worm and Happy are looking through Worm’s record collection.
  3. Trust – Tag arrives in Fox’s flat where she is lending Duggee an outfit for exercising together.
  4. Sharing – Tag lets Betty and Vole know. They are collecting plates from Vole’s cabinet for lunch.
  5. Teamwork – Tag gets to Mole’s flat. Mole and Roly have just finished making the table.

They all share the pie together.


  • Duggee psychiatry inkblot.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels and the underground animals have all earned their Getting On Badges.

Duggee falls backwards but the underground animals fail to catch him.

Style Change

The therapy sections take place in impressive 3D.


Duggee has two alternative outfits:

  • He wears his tweeds for the therapy session.
  • He has some rather tight workout gear to exercise with Fox.

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