The Going Slow Badge

2.25 The Going Slow Badge

Dynamic border colours and music for the sequence where they race to the hospital are a highlight of The Going Slow Badge.

The characters the Squirrels spotted going too fast are now all in the waiting room.

Badge Design

Oval with a snail.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag asleep in his space-themed bedroom.


The Squirrels are all playing very quickly. Roly is playing with the spinning top, Happy is building with the blocks, Norrie is playing with the cash register, Tag is painting and Betty is playing with the marble run.


Duggee is relaxing in his rocking chair, taking it easy. The Squirrels are hyperactive and don’t know how to go slow. Duggee has his Going Slow Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.25 The Going Slow Badge


The Squirrels aren’t sure they want to go slow. Going slow gives them the opportunity to see more, hear more and feel more. They realise going slow is magical as Tag paints, Roly and Happy feed the birds, Betty waters a flower and Duggee feeds an apple to a unicorn while the birds sing and a rainbow appears overhead. Norrie lies back to watch the clouds. Gloria and pig jog past and the mice race by in their car.

Then they spot tortoise, they think he’s going slow but actually he’s in a hurry, his wife is having babies at the hospital. Duggee helps race tortoise to the hospital in his fire engine, speed boat, train, tandem bike and dragon boat. They complete the final mile with the Squirrels and tortoise on a racehorse and Duggee on the unicorn. By the time they arrive at the hospital tortoise is flustered and the nurse will not let him in until he is calm. The Squirrels help him to go slow and he witnesses his babies hatching.


Sunshine Duggee in watercolour. Racecar driver Duggee.

Close and Credits

Baby tortoises pop up all over Duggee.

Style change

Dynamic border colours and music for the sequence where they race to the hospital.

Supporting Cast

  • Tortoise


When racing to the hospital Duggee wears a fire fighter’s uniform, sailor’s uniform, train driver’s clothes, his workout gear with a bicycle helmet, a floral shirt for the dragon boat and a sparkly jockey’s hat. The Squirrels also wear bicycle helmets followed by jockey’s hats.

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