The Grandparents Badge

2.40 The Grandparents Badge

Badge Design

A doily with glasses, a book and a cup of tea.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag building Duggee out of blocks.


Roly is dusting. Happy and Norrie are setting the table for a tea party. Betty is polishing. Tag is tidying the blocks.


Duggee and the Squirrels are getting ready for their grandparents to visit. Duggee has his apron on and has made the tea. He has his Grandparents Badge and he knows that grandparents like peace and quiet and a nice cup of tea.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.41 The Grandparents Badge


The Squirrels don’t think that sounds right. They hear a noise from outside that does sound like their grandparents. They run outside in time to see:

  • Tag’s Gran leaping from an aeroplane and parachuting down to the clubhouse.
  • Betty’s Admiral Granddad drives in on his boat.
  • Happy’s Gran arrives on the bus, pulling it back with her trunk when it tries to drive off with her bag.
  • Roly’s Granddad drives an odd-job-man’s van filled with tools and junk.
  • Norrie’s Gran motors in on a motorbike.

Tag and his Gran give their presentation first. They tell a story from last summer when they were skating in the park. Tag was struggling to get the hang of it when Gran realises she has lost her brooch. Tag falls over onto it then jumps up and manages to skate to his Grandma to return it.

Betty and Admiral Granddad’s story is about a day they were out hiking on the ocean floor. Betty keeps correcting her granddad on the direction they should be going. Eventually, Granddad declares they are lost which Betty thinks is funny because they are already here. She finds some sea glass as a memento of their trip.

Happy’s Gran has a painting from their painting expedition. She painted a detailed picture of the view while Happy cut through the extraneous to the very essence of the scene. Happy painted the water.

Roly was helping his Granddad cut the grass when his mower lost a nut. Granddad was about to fix it when Roly came up with some ideas for improvements. Together they created a fire-breathing dinosaur to cut the grass.

Norrie and her Gran present a ship in a bottle. Ever since she was little they have been building it one piece at a time from a weekly magazine. They finally finished it last weekend.

Roly’s Granddad complains to Duggee that the table is a little wonky, tapping it causing Happy’s painting to topple over. The painting knocks the nut which hits the sea glass which rolls into the brooch which hits the ship in a bottle. The cork pops out of the bottle and the ship breaks on the floor.

The Grandparents put their heads together to fix the problem. They need peace and quiet and a nice cup of tea.

  • Tag’s Gran lifts him to reach the lolly sticks.
  • Happy’s Gran finds some glue in her bag.
  • Roly and his Granddad glue the boat together.
  • Norrie’s Gran offers her biker’s scarf for the sail.
  • Betty’s Granddad steers the boat into the bottle.


  • Egg to chicken to old chicken.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Grandparents Badge and they head home in their grandparents vehicles. Roly’s dinosaur lawn mower roars past.

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