The Harvest Badge

2.29 The Harvest Badge

The Harvest Badge develops the ideas we first saw in the Food Growing Badge.

Badge Design

Rectangle with carrots, watermelons and potatoes. 

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty eating corn on the cob. 


Roly is skipping, Norrie has a dandelion clock, Betty is spinning a ball, Tag is playing with a car and Happy is blowing bubbles.


Duggee is getting ready for the harvest. The Squirrels helped Duggee plant seeds in Spring and now the food is ready to pick. Tag and Roly pick funny shaped potatoes, Ethel, a duck and Duggee. Norrie and Betty pick onions, playing and juggling with them. Happy picks carrots, accidentally picking worm, who is wearing a carrot hat. They quickly fill a wheelbarrow but they aren’t finished yet. Duggee has his Harvest Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.29


They can use Duggee’s tractor. The animals pop out to watch but the tractor breaks down. The Squirrels and the animals decide to pick more food while they wait for Duggee to fix the tractor. Horse helps Roly and Tag with the carrots, potatoes, onions and a pumpkin which fly into the air and are caught by Mole, the Rabbits, Frog and Worm. Ethel uses her truck to pick tomatoes which she sends into the waiting baskets of the birds. Betty supervises them as they drop the tomatoes into a waiting crate. The Rabbits use an old fashioned contraption to harvest potatoes which they bounce of a sheep and into a crate carried by a cow. Norrie watches the cow unload the potatoes to a larger crate. Betty continues supervising the collection of the tomatoes, this time the ants deliver them. The woodpeckers help Roly and Tag with the apples. The chickens form a ladder to pick berries and Happy collects strawberries using Hedgeley the Hedgehog. For the pumpkins, they come up with a fancy contraption. Norrie rides Horse who pulls a harvester where the chickens turn wheels and pick pumpkins. They throw them up to Happy and Mole who put them on the back of sheep who are on a wheel which is being continuously turned by Cow. As the sheep reach the far side of the wheel, Ethel the elephant collects the pumpkins and bounces them back to Tag and Roly who put them in a crate. They then put the crate on a conveyer belt which is being turned by three mice. The crates pass down a ramp onto the waiting ant troops who carry them to Betty’s pile of harvested food. She checks them off on her clipboard, just as Duggee finishes fixing his tractor.


  • Duggee made from vegetables.
  • A Duggee vegetable barbershop quartet.

Close and Credits

Duggee eats a strawberry.

Supporting Cast


Duggee and the Squirrels wear their farmers’ outfits. Duggee has on his dungarees, Betty wears jeans and a red chequered bandana, Happy wears a straw hat, Norrie wears a denim skirt, red chequered shirt and red necktie, Tag wears white trousers and a red neckerchief, Roly has on dungarees and a cap with an onion on it.

Get Your Harvest Badge

Combine with activities from the Food Growing Badge and grow something to eat.

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