The Honey Badge

2.10 The Honey Badge

The Honey Badge has an effective style change when the narrator recites the Honey bee poem to explain to the Squirrels how we get honey. It contrasts well to later in the episode when he recites the poem again over the bees from the hive in the episode making the honey for the Squirrels. The original rendition shows the idyllic, traditional way we think of making honey while the second rendition shows the modern, industrial way of making honey. Ironically, in real life honey is still made in a traditional way, where many other products no longer are.

The names of the honey bees are references to famous pilots.

Badge Design

Hexagon with a beehive

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel: Happy looking for bugs under plant pots.


Roly is playing with the dolls house, Norrie is playing with Zaza,  Happy is playing with the blocks, Betty is playing with the cars and Tag is playing with the fire engine. They have other toys out too.


The Squirrels smell pancakes. Duggee serves them up with their favourite toppings, banana, raspberries, raisins and blueberries. They have run out of honey but it’s ok, Duggee has his Honey Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.10 The Honey Badge


They can get some honey from the bees. The narrator explains to the Squirrels how bees make honey in the form of a poem (see below). The Squirrels head to the hive to get some honey but none comes out of the tap. They ask a worker bee but he is still waiting for the honey bees to return to the hive with the nectar. The honey bees (nectar squadron) are trying to come into to land but the runway is blocked. Maverick attempts to fly through the Squirrels toys but can make it. They Squirrels tidy up quickly and help the honey bees come into land. Tag uses high visibility paddles to guide them, Norrie watches them through the binoculars, Betty talks on the walkie talkie, Roly checks the wind, Happy realises Captain Bumble is upside down. The bees are all welcomed home, Captain Bumble, Maverick, Yeager, Waldo, Airhart and Baron.

The bees unload the nectar and make it into honey. The Queen presents a jar of honey to the Squirrels and they have their pancakes.


  • Bee flying around a Duggee flower.

Close and Credits

Duggee wears a bee costume which allows him to fly.

Style Change

The style changes to a simple painting effect as the narrator recites the Honey Bee poem.

From flower to flower to flower flies the buzzy honey bee,

Collecting up the nectar, just as busy as can be.

She takes the nectar to the hive, where a little worker bee,

Makes it into honey so the queen can have her tea.

Supporting Cast

  • Bees


  • Duggee changes into a bee right at the end.

Get Your Honey Badge

Try some honey on pancakes. Learn about where honey comes from and the importance of bees.

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