The Island Badge

2.33 The Island Badge

The second half of series 2 of Hey Duggee is filled with moments of genius and The Island Badge parody of Swiss Family Robinson is no different.

Badge Design

Semi-circle with a tropical island at sunset.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty is writing in her diary.


Duggee and the Squirrels are aboard a boat sailing on the sea.


The Squirrels have seen fish and birds but the waves are starting to make Tag feel sick. Duggee spots an island and they all jump off. Duggee moors the boat and Tag feels better. The rock that Duggee tied the rope to turns out to be a crab and he comes to life and swims out to sea towing the boat. Betty looks in the picnic basket and they realise they have left the sandwiches on the boat. They look up and see that they are stranded. Duggee know what to do, he has his Island Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.33 The Island Badge


Norrie runs off to find wood for the fire. Roly looks for leaves to make a shelter. Happy is in charge of water. Meanwhile, Betty has begun to chronicle their adventure in her diary. Duggee’s expert knowledge is helping them survive:

  • Duggee shows Happy how to apply suncream.
  • Norrie gladly collects logs.
  • Roly finds leaves.
  • Happy locates fresh water.
  • Duggee plucks coconuts from a tree.

The island still holds many dangers and mysteries:

  • Happy is surrounded by buzzing insects.
  • Tag is licked by a lizard.
  • A beautiful bird lays an egg on Duggee’s head.

They encounter many strange animals, including:

  • The pencil snake.
  • The fire cat.
  • The mischievous oodle monkeys.

They have managed to make a home for themselves:

  • Duggee fashions straw hats for all the Squirrels.
  • Happy collects water from a water wheel.
  • Tag and Roly use a giant banana as a seesaw.
  • They have built a new home.
  • Roly has found them a pet. A goat called Tuesday, who eats everything.
  • Betty pauses to sip from a coconut.
  • Norrie takes orders for lunch. It’s coconut.

They all long for home:

  • Tag has made Caterpillar out of sand which the oodle monkeys destroy.
  • Happy is watering a garden from a completed irrigation contraption.
  • Norrie uses a lift full of coconuts.
  • Roly is playing with toys made out of coconuts.
  • Duggee extinguishes a fire caused by the fire cat.

The Squirrels are all feeling down and fed up of coconut. Betty asks Happy how long they have been on the island. Happy replies “about an hour”.

The Earth begins to shake and rises up below them. They were on the back of Captain Frank the sea turtle all along. He takes them back to their boat. They sail back to civilisation with Tuesday chewing on Betty’s diary.


  • Sunshine Duggee.

Close and Credits

The parents all arrive in various boats. Tuesday eats Duggee’s sail.

Supporting Cast

  • Tuesday
  • Captain Frank


Duggee wears his sailing outfit. The Squirrels all wear lifejackets aboard the boat.

The Squirrels have stripey outfits for the picnic. These become tatty as the episode continues and they add accessories:

  • Norrie has a pink stripey dress and she adds a homemade straw hat.
  • Happy has a blue stripey t-shirt and red shorts. Later he adds a straw flat cap.
  • Betty has a blue and green headband and adds a homemade straw hat.
  • Tag has a green stripey t-shire and adds a straw cap.
  • Roly has pink shorts and adds a green stripey fez later.
  • Duggee’s sailor outfit becomes tattered and he adds a grass skirt.

Get Your Island Badge

Design your own treasure island. What essential would you take with you?

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