The Juice Badge

2.4 The Juice Badge

The Juice Badge gives us Buggee, a little bug with a big heart. I think we’ve all felt too small in some way or other which makes Buggee a relatable character.

Badge Design

Round with a glass of juice.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly meditating.


Duggee has made a juicer. Duggee has his Juice Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.4 The Juice Badge


First the Squirrels must collect some fruit. There are lots to pick but Buggee is struggling to reach a blueberry. Roly picks it without noticing her. Buggee is angry but when Roly offers to give it back she complains about how hard it is being small. She can’t have a conversation on the phone, eat out or play sports. The Squirrels invite her to join them for juice.

Duggee puts the fruit in the juicer but a screw flies off and lands in the mechanics. Duggee can’t reach it so the Squirrels suggest some things that might be small enough to retrieve it, a pencil, tweezers, a needle, a baby carrot or a peanut. Buggee talks herself into going in for the screw.

The action in the juicer switches to a ‘90s platform-style computer game. Outside the Squirrels offer help, Betty and Happy watch the map while the others carry messages. Buggee passes the filter, juice well and the pulveriser. Buggee finds the screw but can’t move the screw until her own echo encourages her. Screw returned they all enjoy some juice.


  • Duggee made of fruit.

Close and Credits

The narrator asks Buggee at the end, instead of Duggee.

Style Change

Inside the juicer, it is a ‘90s platform-style computer game

Supporting Cast

  • Buggee


Duggee wears his mechanic’s blue boiler suit throughout. 

Get your Juice Badge

Make some juice together.

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