The Key Badge

2.50 The Key Badge

Badge Design

Key shaped with a lock on it.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly drinking from a crazy straw.


Happy and Betty are playing with the blocks. Tag is playing with the robot. Norrie is pushing cars and Roly is digging.


Everyone except Roly is a little tired of their toys. Roly excitedly digs his hole until he hits something. It’s a key. Duggee can explain what keys are for, he has his Key Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.50 The Key Badge


Keys can be used to:

  • Start something – a mouse starts his car.
  • Open something – the penguins open a treasure chest full of fish.
  • Keep something safe – the bees lock the honey in the hive to protect it from a bear.

They don’t know what the key is for so they must find out through trial and error. It’s like a game so the style changes and they enter level one of a 3D game world. They play Trial and Error:

  • Betty’s doing a trial – she tries to put the key in the lock for a mouse hole but it’s too big.
  • Happy’s doing an error – he tries to put it in a giant lock belonging to a gorilla.
  • Tag tries it in a safe but gets an error message.
  • Roly pokes a pineapple with the key.
  • Norrie finds the correct lock on a pink suitcase. Inside is a fish-shaped key.

Level 2:

They surmise that they need to ask a fish. Happy drops the key into the fish tank. The comedy fish can’t remember the key or his treasure chest but the key fits and Duggee grabs the treasure. It’s a tiny key.

Level 3:

Tag realises immediately that it looks like his robot. He winds it up and they follow it around the clubhouse to a pink music box. It winds the music box which springs into life and magically produces a wooden key with a clock on it.

Level 4:

They quickly realise that it must be a key for a clock and Roly spots a cuckoo clock in the workshop. He stands on Happy’s nose to wind the clock and the bird pops out with a red key.

Level 5:

They look around for something that matches the red key. They find a statue of Duggee’s great grandfather, Duke Duggee III. He has badges like Duggee, including one with a keyhole. The key opens a door to the long-lost cupboard of games.

The Squirrels love the new old games:

  • Norrie winds up a carousel.
  • Roly plays with wooden skittles.
  • Happy sets a toy boat in a puddle.
  • Betty plays space pinball.
  • Tag drives a car with the mice.
  • Duggee and the bear play with a bat and ball game.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Key Badges.

The pineapple pops open to reveal a bonus key.

Get Your Key Badge

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