The Kite Badge

2.8 The Kite Badge

The Squirrels are bundles of positive energy in The Kite Badge. They spend a long time crafting their kites but their reaction is to be concerned when Hennie destroys them. The chicken’s rolling in the wind is a highlight.

Badge Design

A kite shape, complete with tail and Duggee’s face.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag making Duggee out of building blocks.


Norrie and Tag have built a sandcastle, Betty is playing with a ball, Happy has made his name using building blocks and Roly is watching a windmill.


A gust of wind messes up the Squirrels toys so they head inside to play, but Duggee is playing outside with a kite. Duggee can help the Squirrels make their own kites, he has his kite badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.8 The Kite Badge


Kite making montage – Betty designs, Roly hits his kite with a hammer, Tag gets tied in knots, Happy paints, Norrie dances with a string of bows. Betty has made a wobbly one, Tag has made a fast one, Happy has made a snappy one, Norrie has made a soft one and Roly has made a grey one. With Duggee’s help, they fly them. 

They go so high, they are face to face with Hennie. Hennie is scared of the ‘beasties’. To cheer her up the Squirrels make a really, really big kite. Another kite-making montage follows in which the Squirrels have to think big to follow Betty’s plan. They need big sticks (brooms), big material (Duggee’s pants), big string (rope) and paintbrushes (big ones). They deliver the kite to Hennie and show her how to fly them. 


  • A kite with Duggee’s face splattered on it.

Close and Credits

The episode ends with Duggee’s kite being joined in the sky with Enid, Frog and Chicken’s.

Supporting Cast

  • Hennie

Get Your Kite Badge

Make some kites and go outside on a windy day to fly them.

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