The Making Friends Badge

2.18 The Making Friends Badge

The Making Friends Badge reflects

Badge Design

Round with the Earth in the centre and the faces of many friends.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag is dressed up as a firefighter, driving a toy fire engine.


The Squirrels are off to a jamboree to sing songs, play games, have a picnic and make new friends. They arrive at the Hummingbirds clubhouse and Peggee introduces them to Finbar, Merry, Chad, Oti and Rochelle. They do their welcome dance and are sent off to play. Happy is reluctant but Duggee has his Making Friends Badge.


Duggee advises the Squirrels to be themselves and Peggee offers Duggee a cup of tea. The Hummingbirds and the Squirrels cannot find a game that they both know. Inside Peggee and Duggee discuss hobbies. Peggee suggests things Duggee might be into, snorkelling, opera, curling, hurling, pearling (knitting) or whirling. Outside the Squirrels chat with their Hummingbird equivalents. Finbar and Norrie swap dance moves. Happy and Merry laugh nervously at one another. Betty and Rochelle both have a good idea. Tag and Chad throw a ball at one another. Roly and Oti both shout. Inside things aren’t going very well as they don’t get each other’s jokes. Eventually Happy and Merry discover they both enjoy splashing and everyone joins in. They discover they all enjoy playing and invite Peggee and Duggee to join in. They end the day with a picnic. 


A Duggee mug fills up.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels and the Hummingbirds have all earned their badges and both sets of parents arrive. Peggee and the Hummingbirds join in the Duggee hug. 

Get Your Making Friends Badge

Make some new friends at the playground.

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