The Making Music Badge

2.1 The Making Music Badge

The series 2 opener of Hey Duggee, The Making Music Badge, has a simple but effective story.

Badge Design

Round with a guitar, triangle, drum and keyboard.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy beatboxing with a poster in the background.


Tag is playing with the cars, Betty is reading a book about space, Norrie is playing with a cash register, Roly is watching a perpetual motion toy and Happy is playing with the blocks. 


Duggee is playing his saxophone. He plays some music which makes the Squirrels sad. He then switches to a happy number. Betty tries to play Duggee’s saxophone but it’s too big and hard to play but it’s ok, Duggee has his making music badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.1 The Making Music Badge


Duggee helps the Squirrels make their own instruments in a craft montage. Tag made shakers, Norrie made drums, Betty made a tubey thing, Happy made plinky plonks and Roly made a balloon. The play together and it is loud but not good. The animals all hide in the barn from the noise. With the help of a little magic and a conductor’s baton, the Squirrels switch to black-tie outfits and play a much more smooth number. The animals prefer this one.


  • One-man-band Duggee.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels are still in their black-tie when they hug their parents. The animals are all now dressed up and many of them are playing instruments. The cow, sheep and alien are all wearing berets. The horse, bear, naughty monkey, worm, enid the cat and chicken all have on black suits. One of the rabbits has a black and white headband and Frog is wearing a white suit. The jazz song plays over the credits.


Duggee wears a blue turtle neck jumper, black trousers and a black beret. During their first jam session, Betty has a red beret and Happy wears sunglasses. For the smooth jazz song, they all switch to black-tie. 

Get your Making Music Badge

Create some instruments like the Squirrels and make some music.

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