The Memory Badge

2.24 The Memory Badge

The Squirrels drawings are an elegant centre point for The Memory Badge.

Badge Design

Round with a thinking brain.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy making a balancing sculpture from fruit.


The Squirrels are all painting and drawing. Happy is drawing some fruit, Norrie is painting a bird, Tag is crafting, Roly is potato printing and Betty is doing a self-portrait in chalk.  


Duggee brings in some drinks and they realise Happy has lost a tooth. They can’t find it, Norrie checks the blocks, Tag checks the cupboard, Betty checks the dressing up box and Roly checks Enid. They try to help Happy find his tooth but Happy isn’t good at remembering things. Luckily Duggee remembers he has his Memory Badge. 

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.24 The Memory Badge


They think back to what they did earlier today. Betty draws on the chalkboard, they were playing jazz. Happy checks his trumpet but it’s not there. Next Norrie remembers they were eating toast. She paints the scene in her painting. They remember Happy said “Yes” without a lisp so he must have had a full complement of teeth. Roly remembers splashing in puddles with Happy and some dinosaurs. He creates the scene out of potato prints to remind Happy. Happy doesn’t remember the dinosaurs but Happy does have all his teeth in the picture. Next Tag remembers making a pirate ship with Happy. He crafts a collage of their adventures. Unfortunately, the tooth is not in the pirate ship either.

Happy remembers that after he played with Tag it was drawing time. He used his crayons to draw some apples, then felt hungry so he ate an apple. He finds the tooth in the apple.

Close and Credits

Happy shows his tooth to his mum, as well as his badge. The narrator forgets Duggee’s name at the end. Duggee and his kennel cycle through the Squirrels’ five different art styles behind the credits.

Style Change

Each Squirrels drawings are animated in a unique style. For Betty it’s chalk, for Norrie it is paint, Roly uses potato prints, Tag makes a collage and Happy’s picture is a pencil drawing.


Happy wears his striped swimming outfit and snorkel and just his pants during the flashback with his mum.

Get Your Memory Badge

Play a memory game.

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