The Organising Badge

2.42 The Organising Badge

Badge Design

A rectangle of organised stationary.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty in her explorer’s gear.


Roly is picking up balls and putting them in a bucket. Tag is playing with the cars. Norrie is colouring in. Happy is arranging flowers. Betty has built a tower for all her things.


The other Squirrels admire Betty’s tower. She talks them through the design. On the first floor are her books, floor five is science things, floor nine is lunchboxes and floor fourteen is haberdashery and leather goods. The top floor is the penthouse.

Roly forces a large ball into the buckets and it pops out knocking over all the toys and trashing Betty’s tower. Betty is upset and Roly apologises. The Squirrels complain about tidying up because it is difficult. Roly disagrees and begins chucking things in a box. Betty protests his method. Duggee can help them, he has his Organising Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.42 The Organising Badge


Organising something means putting things in order. Roly and Betty have different views about order. You can order things in different ways. Duggee has organised his badges by shape, by colour and by size.

Betty starts by organising the pencils by colour. Roly tries to put a pen in the pencil box and Betty corrects him. Next are the blocks. Betty wants to organise them by shape but Roly is already throwing them in the box by colour. Betty explains that they need to organise them by shape so they fit in the box. The toys are next. Roly asks if they should organise them by shape but Betty insists they do it by size.

Betty is excited to continue organising things outside:

  • Plant pots by size. Roly’s Venus flytrap eats a bee.
  • Tools by shape. Roly’s round tyre knocks everything over.
  • Washing by colour. When Roly yells blue and his clean laundry falls into the mud.

Betty must organise. Roly suggests the animals:

  • By shape – Triangles include the chickens and a frog, circles are the sheep and a wolf, semi-circles are Mr Crab, Tortoise and Ladybird. The chickens are huffy at being grouped with Frog. Mr Crab scuttles off to look for Nigel. Duggee shakes his head at the wolf
  • By colour – Fish, Enid and a bird are orange, Rabbit, a mouse and Ethel are grey, Caterpillar is multi-coloured. Enid looks at the bird, scaring it off. Then she looks towards Fish who jumps out of the bowl and runs away. Mouse scares off Ethel. Roly is frustrated with Caterpillar.
  • By size – The bugs are small ad bouncy. The medium animals stand o one another’s heads. The large animals are crammed in to the space.

The clubhouse is a mess, much to Betty’s annoyance. Roly suggests they organise them be where they live:

  • Cow in the barn.
  • Sheep in the field.
  • Spider on the web.
  • Chew Chew in the forest.
  • Worm in the hole.
  • Chicken in the coop.
  • Bird in the tree.
  • Frog in the pond.
  • Mr Crab and Nigel in their sandcastle home.


  • Boxes are organised to a Duggee shape.
  • Duggee toys organised by size.
  • Duggee blocks by shape.
  • Duggee dot pictures.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Organising Badge. The Venus flytrap spits out the bee.

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